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Q&A: 1 Day Huangshan Tour
Asked by Yos** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,1 day tour to Huangshan,Shanghai-Hangzhou( 7 Nov)-Huangshan-Beijing (9 Nov morning),What is the better itinerary? if we want to go around in Hangzhou 1 day (no stay) and 1 day trip to Huangshan. But on 9 Nov we have to go to Beijing in the morning by hi speed train or by air
Dear Yosen,
Greetings from ChinaTour.Net
7 Nov. take morning high speed train G7395,07:27-08:32 to Hangzhou about 1 hour, arrived in Hangzhou at 08:32, visit West lake (boat tour), Linying Temple and Six Harmonies Pagoda.  transfer you to train station for G1519,19:13-22:13 about 3 hours to Huangshan. transfer you to hotel.
8 Nov. you will be driven to Huangshan Mountain (1 hour). Upon your arrival, take the cable car to the top of the mountain. You will visit Beginning-to-believe Peak, where you can find many ancient pine trees, followed by a tour to the Brush Pen Peak. After lunch, pay a visit to Bright Summit, the second highest on the mountain and see Flying-over Rock and Cloud-dispelling Pavilion. After the tour, take a cable car down the mountain. Back to downtown hotel .
9 Nov. transfer to Huangshan Railway Station for morning train to Beijing. End of tour.
Please have a look at above tour itinerary and let me know whether it's OK or not.
Asked by ** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,We are interested in the 1day tour. We will stay in downtown hotel on 20th and the pick up for the tour the next morning. We intend stay in a hotel in the mountain after the day tour. ,Question 1) : Do we have to pay the fare for the cable car ride down the mountain on 22nd? Question 2) Is there a discount on the tour fare since we do not require the transfer to statipn/airport?

Dear SG Tan,

Thanks for your inquiry,

You don’t need to pay the cable car, it’s included. And there is no discount, because airport pickup service is not included. And If you start from your downtown hotel and train station, it’s the same, there are both in downtown.

For the quotation:

Private Tour (you are 2 persons), : $228 (1,530CNY) per person


Fees include:

 1.Meal as listed in the itinerary (lunch only).

2. Air-conditioned vehicle.

3.Entrance fees and round-trip cable car as specified in the itinerary.

4.English-speaking tour guide service.

5.Sightseeing car(38CNY/per person)

Fees exclude:


2. Tipping to guide and driver.

 3.Personal expenses.

And if you’ll stay overnight on the mountatin, you’ll need buy the cable car (downhill) yourself. we’ll deduct the cable car fees (Downhill) (80CNY/person) from the total amount.(Note:You don’t need to by the cable car(going up) tickets, Just need to buy the downhill cable car )

The tour guide and driver will leave on the first day. If you want to use our drop off service on the second day. You’ll need to add some money:150CNY

Because the driver has to come back to pick up you again.

Is it ok for you?

And if you don’t stay overnight on the mountatin, there won’t be any surcharge.

 Which would you like?

Asked by Zoh** Date Added:
Question: Hello, We are planning to come by train from Shanghai to Huangshan on Sep 9th at noon for 1 day trip. we want to stay one night at Huangshan and and back to Shanghai on Sep 10t,1 day trip in Huangshan mountains ,Yes, we need book hotel for 1 night at Huangshan 3-4 star hotel (not so expensive)
Thanks for your tour booking by ChinaTour.NET
If you arrive in Huangshan in the morning and leave in the afternoon, then we can arrange a 2 Days (1 Night) tour for you to visit Mt. Huangshan.
Will check the itinerary and send you price as soon as we can.
Asked by An** Date Added:
Question: Hi China Tour,Can you pick us up from a hotel in Tangkou? We are interested in a one-day tour only,We have 2 adults who are above 50 years old and may not be able to walk very far. Can you custom our tour so that we don't do so much walking but can still see the important sights,We are booking our own hotel and transport to Tangkou,Please reply via

Dear Anna,

Thank you for your email to

Yes, we can pick you up at the hotel in Tangkou in the morning, and drop you off to the hotel in the evening.

The price of 1 Day Huangshan Tour is Private Tour (you have 5 people), : $164 (1,100CNY) per person

Asked by Yen** Date Added:
Question: We are a family (2 adult with 2 kids) need private tour as below:,10 July - pick up at Tunxi airport then send to Huangshan old street international youth hostel,11 July - Huangshan tour. ,12 July - tour to visit Emerald valley, Hongchun , Tachun and Xidi village,13 July - Send to train station ( for going to Hangzhou), ,Could you please quote the price for above itinerary? How much if including the train tickets to Hangzhou ? You can contact me via whatsapp at +62 81252983070. Thanks in advance.
For the 4 Days (3 Nights) Huangshan Tour Package, we saw that you have booked a hotel in downtown, but on July 11th, you will visit the Mountain top, so will you stay a night on the top of just get down in the afternoon?
Please let us know so that we can offer you price accordingly.
Asked by Y** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Is it necessary to stay for a night in Huangshan? Is it possible for us to make a day trip? We will arrive Hangzhou on 28/4/17 and we would like to have a day tour in Huangzhou. Would you be able to take care of our transport to Huangshan from Hangzhou? How much is a night for a 3 star hotel for 2 ?
As per requested, we can arrange a private tour package for you in Hangzhou and Huangshan, but we need the information below:
1) At what time will you arrive in Hangzhou?
2) we can arrange car pick-up for you from Hangzhou to Huangshan, but it's costy than bus, is it OK? 
3) you may stay a night in Huangshan so that you have more time for the tour, and after the tour finished, do you need us to send you back to Huangshan? Or you can take public bus to get back by yourself?
Please reply us ASAP because your tour date is during Labor Day Holiday, and it will be very difficult to arrange a tour guide.
Asked by Ichw** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,I would like to ask how much is the price for one day huangshan tour for 4 people? If we join with another tourist from your group, is it cheaper? 23 june 2017 huangshan tour (pick up and drop off back at huangshan parkview hotel),24 june 2017 emerald valley, hongchun and xidi village (pick up from huangshan parkview hotel and drop off at huangshan international airport, flight from huangshan to shanghai 10.30pm)


Here is the price for the tour package you requested, please have a look.

4 Person

23 june 2017 huangshan tour (pick up and drop off back at huangshan parkview hotel)
24 june 2017 emerald valley, hongchun and xidi village (pick up from huangshan parkview hotel and drop off at huangshan international airport, flight from huangshan to shanghai 10.30pm)

Private Tour, you are 4 person: 1,800CNY ($276) Per Person

The price includes: Private Car, English speaking tour guide, entrace tickets, cable car and lunches.


Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about the tour

Await for your reply


Asked by L** Date Added:
Question: ould it be possible to do a one day tour for two people for $150 each? My friend and I are students and do not have a lot of money. Thank you!

Dear Liz Broomfield,

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net.

How many people do you have? If you have 2 people, the price is:

Private Tour (you are 2 persons), : $238 (1,530CNY) per person

Asked by Chels** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,one day huangshan tour,Hi, we are group of 7, staying in westlake area in hangzhou and we would like to have 1 day huangshan trip. How willl the itinerary be? are you going to pick us up from the hotel and back to the hotel?
Dear Chelsea,
Greetings from ChinaTour.Net
you can be picked up from the hotel and back to the hotel in Hangzhou, it will be about 4 hours from Hangzhou to Huangshan by car, 8 hours on the road, or take high speed train about 3 hours one way, so we suggest you stay overnight in Huangshan downtown or mountain top. how do you think ?

await for your reply

Asked by Els** Date Added:
Question: For the one day tour to Huangshan, what time are you going to pick us from the airport? and what time is the tour finish? How much is per person and is there any other cost that we have to pay? How much is the total cost for 4 people? We believe it is a private tour ,Thank you,Elsje

Dear Elsje,

Yes, 1 Day Huangshan Tour is private tour.

Private Tour (you have 4 people), : 1140CNY(177USD) per person

Asked by pa** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,How you wish us to customize the tour? if you have your own travel plan, please list your itinerary? i am staying at xi'an, can any arrangement be made to pick up from xi'an for the tour and drop tp the same
Greetings from Chinatour.Net
as huangshan is far away from Xian, you need to take flight to Huangshan from Xian, then take evening flight back to Xian.
2016-8-25 JD5105,13:40-15:35,:950CNY per person

 2016-8-27  JD5106,20:50-23:00,:840CNY per person

3 Star Hotel + Tour Package, you have 2 persons, : $424 (2,720CNY) per person

tour itinerary:

await for your reply
Asked by Ka** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,1) I would like to check on the price per person for a One-Day Huangshan Tour,2) We would be staying at a Shanghai apartment, so can I check if we can return to Shanghai in time on the same day? 3) Can I also check if the pick up and drop off location for the one-day tour is at the Huangshan railway station? How do we get there from Shanghai IFC residence? 4) What are the places that we would be going to for the one-day tour? 5) Is there mountain climbing required?
Before sending you a quote, we would like to double check your tour date.
If you go to Huangshan by train, you need to take overnight train on April 10th and arrive in Huangshan in the morning of April 11th and take this 1 Day Huangshan Tour, then take evening train back to Shanghai, but will arrive in Shanghai in the morning the next day, is it OK? Because the high speed train is leaving in the afternoon, not available to go and back on the same day.
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