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Q&A: 1 Day Longji Terrace Coach Tour
Asked by Al** Date Added:
Question: Your question about the tour? Do you prefer group tour or private tour? Hi, we are 2 and we would like to go to longhi terrace tomorrow morning. We are in Yangshuo at coco Garden Hotel. How much is it and what is included? Do you availability? We would like to go to ping an and then the small village further,Thanks
Asked by SE** Date Added:
Question: coach,Yes half day Yangshou tour
, and you inquiry a one day coach tour for Longji Terra-ce, but you also mentioned half day tour in Yangshuo, so would you like to take 2 days coach tour which is one day for Longji and one day for Li River?
The Li River coach tour will take cruiser from Guilin to Yangshuo, and when the cruiser arrive at Yangshuo, you can visit Yangshuo town for few hours, and then return to Guilin by driving.
For 1 day Longji Terrace coach tour: 550CNY about 82USD per person;
For Li River coach tour: 550CNY about 82USD per person;
Await your reply sooner.
Asked by pay** Date Added:
Question: Hi,We are reaching Guilin on 25th Dec 2016 @ 9am. Do you have any tour which covers Longji, Li river cruise & Reed flute cave all these important attractions in 2 days. We do not have any preference such bus,cab anything is fine, but just want to see most of Guilin in 2 days.
Asked by Au** Date Added:
Question: I wanna book for this tour. But I have something to ask you. As soon as I finish this tour, I wanna fly to other location. My flight tile will be on 22:00. So can we be arrive back to Guilin at around 18:00? Best Regares,Aung Myo Tun

Aung Myo Tun,您好!

参加1 Day Longji Terrace Coach Tour,一般来说会在18到19点之间赶回桂林市区。您可以早上出发前将行李收拾好寄存在您酒店的前台,晚上回酒店去上行李直接去机场,这样应该来得及。您觉得如何?


Best Regares,
Aung Myo Tun


Asked by Justy** Date Added:
Question: Hello! ,Do you have others than 1-day tours to Longji? If yes, what is the cost? Thanks a lot for the information!

Thanks for your email to

Beside Longji tour, we have 1 DayGuilinHill Tour and 1 Day Li River Tour, you’d like to join coach tour or private tour? For  1 DayGuilinHill Tour, there is only private tour available.

Asked by Mar** Date Added:
Question: I would like to know if the weather is suitable for this tour by beginning of november and also how long it will take us to each if we are stayin at the Yangshuo Hidden Dragon villa hotel,thank you

Hi Marta,

It's OK to visit the Li River by boat in the beginning of the Novomber, but the tour only starts from Guilin at around 8am in the morning, cannot start from Yangshuo, so you have to start a night in Guilin, then after the tour finished, we can drop you off at the hotel in Yangshuo, how do you think?

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Asked by jor** Date Added:
Question: is possible make the tours in spanish? no problem if the tour is coach bus o private, the date above is aproximative not exactly,my

There is only English-speaking tour guide available in group tour. If you need Spanish-speaking tour guide, I'm afraid you need to have a private tour, the price of

 1 Day Terra-Terrace & Yao 's Long Hair Show Tour is 920+150= 1070CNY($178) per person if you have 2 people.

Asked by T** Date Added:
Question: Could you please explain what is a "minority village"? Thank you

In China, there are 56 minorities, and there is one named Yao's minority village in Longji.

The minorities has their own culture and language, so it became the characteristics of tourism in location.

You can search more things on the internet if you are interesting in.

Have a great day!

Asked by RO** Date Added:

Your tour is during Chinese National Day's holiday, so the tour fee will be a little higher than ordinary day. The price of  1 Day Longji Terrace Coach Tour is 500CNY($80)per person, is it OK?

Asked by Frances** Date Added:
Question: private tour (english speaking driver, if possible) one day long, We would like to have a tour in Longsheng County to visit the Longji Terraces, Dazhai and Tiantouzhai villages,lunch arranged

and sorry for my late reply.

We can arrange tour to We can arrange We can arrange to visit the Longji Terraces and Tiantouzhai villages, but I have never heard a place named Dazhai, could you tell me where it belongs to?

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1 Day Longji Terrace Coach Tour
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1 Day Longji Terrace Coach Tour