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Q&A: 10 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Guilin -Yangshuo -Shanghai)
Asked by M** Date Added:
Question: 1. What is the distance from Shanghai to Beigin do we have to book our return flight from Shanghai? 2. Is this starting days are fixed? 3. How is the weather in China in December,4. My kids will share the same room with us. What is the rate for my kids? 5 Are we visiting Zhangjiajie glass bridge in this tour? 6. Is it possible us to visit Shanghai Disneyland? My number +74 77 8880606
Dear Ms. Sepali,
Thanks so much for your tour inquiry with
Please take a look my answer below one by one, and if you have any other question, please let me know for free.
1. What is the distance from Shanghai to Beijing do we have to book our return flight from Shanghai? 
--It is around 2 hours by flight and 5.5 hours by bullet train, so if you can get cheaper airfare for round trip international flights,  you can consider take bullet train back to Beijing and departure from Beijing, but if it is similar to Beijing and from Shanghai, then you don't need return to Beijing.
--The bullet train with 2nd class seat is charged 617CNY about 91USD per person per ride between Shanghai and Beijing.
--The full airfare is around 1355CNY about 199USD per person, and maybe there is some discount from the airlines.
2. Is this starting days are fixed?
--Yes, the group tour date is fixed.

3. How is the weather in China in December
--At the beginning of Dec, it is maximum temperature 3-5 Degrees Celsius and minimum temperature -0/-5, so it is little cold.

4. My kids will share the same room with us. What is the rate for my kids?
--We just can deduct one child's room fee from the normal tour price, and it is 1030CNY about 151USD, and I need book breakfast for second child , and please be sure that 1 king size bed (1.8*2 meter) and 1 single bed 1.2*2 meter are enough for your family.

5 Are we visiting Zhangjiajie glass bridge in this tour?
--No, Zhangjiajie is not included in this group tour, and you can extend your trip to Zhangjiajie from Shanghai, and you need spend 2 more days for this trip. I also need tell you the additional cost if you need.

6. Is it possible us to visit Shanghai Disneyland?
--Yes, you can choose one day or 2 days or 3 days there, and we can reserve the entrance and arrange the transfer service and guide for you, or you can think about to stay at the Disneyland Hotel.

Await your reply sooner.

Asked by Sati** Date Added:
Question: ten days tour , will you provide Indian veg. food? can I extend to other 2 place at Hangzhou-2 nights and Huangshan- 2 nights and Zhangisjie-3 nights and back sanghai,What will be total cost of tour,shanghai to Huangshan by bullet train. Chennkan Ancientt city,Tunxi old street, next day MT. HUanshan-Grand Cayan of Xihal (west sea) scenic area Lian peak, Shixin peaketc. night stay at Mouintain, Next morning Danxia peak-Sunrise, Back to Huangshan and transfer to Hangzhou by bullet train,Zhangjiajie--Wulingyuan Scenic area Tuanjiajie area By Bailong elevator Tianzi Mt. TianmenMT. Floating glass plank 99 curves chair lift, Tiannmen cave Zhangjiajie national park Glass bridge and more which u suggest Visa help required
Dear Satish,
Thanks so much for your tour inquiry with us,  and we can arrange 1 day 2 nights Hangzhou tour, 3 days 2 nights Huangshan tour and 4 days 3 nights Zhangajiejie tour after the 10 days group tour.

In addition, we can arrange vegetarian food for you, but it is not in the Indian Restaurant, is that OK?

For 10 days group tour with 4 star hotel package, it is charged $1,424 (9,690CNY) per person.

You can start the extend tour on day 10, and please take a look the itinerary and price below.

Day 10: Shanghai-Hangzhou (B+L)

Pick you up from the hotel in Shanghai, and then driver to Hangzhou.


You will visit Lingyin Temple, Feilai Peak, Six Harmony Pagoda and West Lake by boat.


Day 11: Hangzhou ctiy tour(B+L)

You will visit Tiger Spring, Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor, The Tomb of General Yue Fei, West Lake Museum and Orioles Singing in the Willows and Huanglong Cave (Yellow Dragon) .


Day 12: Hangzhou-Huangshan by bullet train G1509 949-1313 with second class seat.(B)

We will send you to the train station in Hangzhou by local driver.


Upon your arrival at Huangshan City, we will pick you up at the airport or the train station and transfer you to your hotel in Tunxi District. After a break, you will explore the Tunxi Old Street and experience local life here.

Day 13  Mt. Huangshan (B,L)

After breakfast, you will be driven to Huangshan Mountain (1 hour). Upon your arrival, take the cable car to the top of the mountain. You will visit Beginning-to-believe Peak, where you can find many ancient pine trees, followed by a tour to the Brush Pen Peak. After lunch, pay a visit to Xihai Grand Canyon and enjoy the sunset glow at the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion in the evening. Stay overnight at the summit.

Day 14  Mt. Huangshan-Hongcun Village-Huangshan City-Departure (B,L)

Huangshan-Shanghai by bullet train G1507 13:50-17:56 with second class seat.

Try to get up early in the morning to catch the magical sunrise. After breakfast, you will visit Bright Summit, the second highest on the mountain and see Flying-over Rock. After the visit, take a cable car down to the mountain. After that, proceed to Yi County, pay a visit Hongcun Village, which is an ancient village over 800 years old and was listed as World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the famous Oscar-award film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was made here. Then back to downtown of Huangshan City. Transfer to Huangshan Airport (or Railway Station or Bus Terminal) to next destination.

Upon your arrival in Shanghai, we can arrange train station pickup service, and you will stay overnight in Shanghai.

Day 15 Shanghai-Zhangjiajie by flight FM9343 18:05-20:35

You will be free leisure today in Shanghai, and our driver will pick you up from the hotel around 15:00 to the airport.

Upon your arrival, our local guide and driver will pick you up from the airport to the hotel for rest.

Day 16 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park full day tour (B,L,D)

Forward to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park , visit Huangshi (Yellow Lion) Village by cable car , which rises 1,080 meters above the sea level. In fact, it is a vast platform, consisting of tremendous steep cliffs, covering an area of 16.5 hectares. The scenery is one of the elite routes, accumulating lots of wonders and interests, including Heavenly Books and Treasure Chest, Sea Calming Needle, Single Pole in the Southern Heaven, Golden Tortoise Popping Over the Sea, and so on. There is a famous saying “ He who does not reach the Huangshi Village does not pay a true visit to Zhangjiajie.” Cable cars are available for visitors to take up and down the village. A trail is also waiting for you to hike about five hours. Golden Whip Stream is about 7.5 kilometers (about 4.7 miles) long and is known for its pristine waters, steep cliffs and green mountains.

Day 17 Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve (B,L,D)

Located in the northern part of Wulingyuan, Tianzi Mountain rises 1,262 meters (about 0.8 miles) above sea level, which is always enjoying the reputation as “the king of all mountains”. The seas of clouds and mist are pretty splendid, especially when the sky clears after the rain. It has hoodoos and peaks, ravines and gullies surrounded all its directions except the north. The Emperor Mountain shows us varied beautiful scenes at dawn, noon, dusk, and night on a single day, so as in four seasons of a single year. Then take a shuttle bus to the core of Zhangjiajie World Natural Heritage ,Yuanjiajie is a mysterious, magic and primitive place. It is the only special conservation area among all World Natural Heritages of China. Within the resort , when clouds and mists rise, you may feel standing at a fairyland. The peak scenes, resembling columns, scourges, towers, human ,birds and animals , can bring you beautiful illusions. Down the mountain by Bailong Lift.

Day 18 Huanglong Cave & Baofeng Lake (B,L)

Huanglong ( Yellow Dragon ) Cave is 7.5 km long and has a vertical rise of 140 meters. The structure of natural wonders include: one natural reservoir, two underground rivers, three pools, four waterfalls, thirteen grand halls, ninety eight passageways. there are six major scenic spots in the cave, including Dragon Dancing Hall, Maze, Sounding River, Immortal Waterfall, and Heaven Pillar Street. It is rare to see hundreds of thousands of stalagmites and stalactites in the karsts cave at home and broad. And geology experts draw the similar conclusion that Yellow Dragon Cave is the all round champion. Then followed by Baofeng Lake, which is the masterpiece of nature and human beings’ wisdom. It is 85 meters above the ground and attains an altitude of 585 meters. With an average depth of 72 meters. All the water is from rainfall and spring without any pollutant. It is pure just like a big crystal among Bao feng mountain Range. When you cruise , you can hear authentic song from Tujia minority people. You can fully understand the harmony and peace between human beings and nature. Visit LEE Junsheng Sand-rock Painting Research Center . Go to airport for the onward flight.

Day 19 Zhangjiajie-Shanghai by flight FM9344 21:25-23:30(B+L)

You will visit first superb attractions Glass Cliff Bridge at Tianmen Mountain, after that, transfer you to the airport.

Upon your arrival, you will arrange your own way and hotel near the airport.

Tour ending.

From day 10 to Day 19: you will take private tour, 4 star hotel, you have 2 persons: 14000CNY about 2059USD per person.

This tour fee including:

1, 4 star hotel as mentioned for 9 nights;

2, Vegetarian meals as mentioned.(B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)

3, Bullet train with second class seat: Hangzhou-Huangshan and Huangshan-Shanghai;

4, domestic flight: Shanghai-Zhangajiajie-Shanghai;

5, airport-hotel transfer service;

6, entrance ticket, cable car at Zhangajiajie and Huangsha.

7, English speaking guide.

The price excluding:

1, the last night hotel in Shanghai;

2, airport transfer service in Shanghai on Day 19th.

3, departure international flight.

4, visa.

Await your reply sooner.

Asked by ** Date Added:
Question: We are really Interested in this vacation package


We are sorry for the late respond.
Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look

10 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Guilin -Yangshuo -Shanghai)

High Season (Apr, May, Sep, Oct), : $1,538 (10,460CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

Please have a look and let us know if you have any questions about the tour.

Await for your reply



Asked by Shaile** Date Added:
Question: HI, How much will be the tour cost Beijing , xian Gulian yanshuo shanghai


We are sorry for the late respond.
Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look

10 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Guilin -Yangshuo -Shanghai)

High Season (Apr, May, Sep, Oct), : $1,538 (10,460CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

If you are 10 person in total, we upgrade it for you to Private Tour for free

Please have a look and let us know if you have any questions about the tour.

Await for your reply



Asked by Ch** Date Added:
Question: Is it possible to skip beijing and replace Yangtze river - Xian - Guilin- yangshuo- shanghai
Dear Chan,
, and if you have 3 persons, you can take a private tour instead of group tour, because the tour fee is no much difference.
Will you arrive in Chongqing firstly?
If so, I can arrange 10 days private tour for Yangtze River - Xian-Guilin and Shanghai for you.
Would you like to take a 4 star hotel during the trip? 1 room with an extra bed, OK?
For Yangtze River cruiser, it will be 5 star cruiser, and 1.5 cabins.
Await your reply sooner.
Asked by Mar** Date Added:
Question: Hello Do you have tours in spanish?

Dear Maria Paula Cardenas,

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net.


There is English-speaking tour guide included in group tour. If you need Spanish-speaking tour guide, I’m afraid you have to change to private tour. We have 10 Days Memorable Tour(Beijing– Xian –Guilin-Shanghai) with similar itinerary, please visit the following link:

Spanish-speaking tour guide service fee: 500CNY(73USD) ~ 700CNY(USD) per day.


Asked by Rabi** Date Added:
Question: HI, we would like to take the 10 days tour, we would like to know how it's the payment? one part now, and the rest in Beijing? please let me know asap,we would provable arrive on the 8th, June and the tour starts on the 9th, could you pick us up at the airport and reserve one night at the same hotel? how much it will cost? Thank you!


Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look.

10 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Guilin -Yangshuo -Shanghai)

Shoulder Season, (Mar, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov) : $1,424 (9,690CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

If you arrive in Bejing on June 8th, then it will be the first day of the tour package,until it ends on June 17th, 2017. So if you still need extra stay, please let us know when will you leave China.


Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about the tour.



Asked by Sari** Date Added:
Question: I want to skip the tour in Shianghai, but need hotel for 3night, so please check and offer me the good price


Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look.

10 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Guilin -Yangshuo -Shanghai)

High Season (Apr, May, Sep, Oct), : $1,465 (9960CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

As requested, we move the day tour in Shanghai, but still include airport pick-up service and two nights stay.


Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about the tour.



Asked by Alexand** Date Added:
Question: we arrive and depart from shangai - we arrive at shangai at 1am may 4th - and ,depart from shangai may 14th 13:35pm ,We don't need the tour in shangai we think we can do it on our own (we would like to stay 3 days in shangai) - leaving 7 days for the other cities,We are fine with economic accomodations - and its ok to travel with small groups if its cheaper -, we need to book this FAST!,Thanks


Dear Alexandre,

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net

Group tour starts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so would you like to stay one day more in Beijingand start the tour on May 5th?

In Shanghai, you don’t need airport transportation transfer and tour, right?

Asked by Rab** Date Added:
Question: When can i confirm this tour starting on June 08th?

Dear Rabia Akbar,

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net

Sorry, group tour is unavailable if you only have one people. Do you have friend or relative would like to join tour with you?   

Asked by Ju** Date Added:
Question: Unsure about date, but want to arrive last week of June or first week of July. What is price per person and child price?
Dear Judy,
, and we can arrange 10 days group tour on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so you can check your schedule, and the first tour day is arrival day.
Please take a look the itinerary by below link, and the tour fee is $1,424 (9,690CNY) per person, and we will arrange 2 rooms for your family at 4 star hotel.

Please take a look and reply me. thanks.

Asked by Lesl** Date Added:
Question: Please provide a full quote of price in Australian dollars for Beijing small group departure on Monday 30 October 2017.. I require a single supplement. Please quote for 4 star and for 5 star hotels price. and send an itinerary and hotel names. I will already be in Beijing on 30 October 2017 and I will require a transfer from my Beijing hotel to the tour hotel instead of from the airport to the tour hotel.. Is this possible?
Dear Lesley,
Thanks for your attention on
If you are 1 person, we cannot confirm the group tour booking so earlier, because we just can confirm the booking for 2 persons up.
If you don't want to take the tour alone, you can think about our coach tour, and we can arrange it for you in Beijing, Xian and Guilin, because the coach tour is available every day.
Please check the coach tour package by below link, and we also can arrange airport transfer service if you need.
In Beijing:
In Xian:
In Guilin:
For the flight or train between the cities, we also can arrange it without problem.
For the hotel, we can arrange it for you or you can book it by yourself.
Await your reply sooner.
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