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Q&A: 2 Days (1 Night) Xian Tour + Hotel Package
Asked by Lilli** Date Added:
Question: Hi, my name is Lillian, I am from Mexico and I will be traveling to Shanghai next week for work. I would like to travel to Xi'an on the weekend of July 14th and 15th,I am interested in a private tour for myself staying on a three star hotel,Can you confirm the price? Also some questions about the flights, the earliest flight from Shanghai to Xi'an arrives at 9:25am, is that time OK in order to make must of day 1 on the tour? And regarding the flight to return to Shanghai, what time do you recommend to get back? At what time does day 2 usually ends?
Asked by Shar** Date Added:
Question: Your question about the tour? Do you prefer group tour or private tour? We would like to get to Xi'an by high speed rail from Chengdu. There is a train arriving at 11:23 on May 9 and departing on May 10 at 18:07. We definitely want to see the City Wall and go to the Tang Dynasty Show on May 9 and then follow the second day's schedule. We would enjoy being with other people so a group tour is what we would like,Do you need us book hotel or flight/train? if yes please tell us:,We would like a 4 or 5 star hotel with breakfast and would like to be picked up and taken to the train station on both days. We would need to have a non-smoking room as we both have allergies. Can you tell me the cost of this tour? Perhaps you could also tell us the cost with the cost of a first or second class rail ticket too.
Thanks so much for your tour inquiry with us, and we can arrange all of your programs, and please take a look the details below.
1, On May 9: Chengdu East -Xian North by D1912 7:28-11:43;
First class seat: 439CNY about 70USD per person (only 20 tickets available);
Second class seat: 305CNY about 49USD per person. 
2, On May 10: Xian North-Chengdu East by D1951 18:40-23:05;
First class seat: has no ticket available.
Second class seat: 313CNY about 50 USD per person. 
May 9: arrive in Xian and take private tour in the afternoon.
Pick you up from the Xian North train station, and then take you to the city center for quick checkin the hotel, and then visit City Wall in the afternoon.
Enjoy the Tang Dynasty Show to experience the court dances and sings in Tang Dynasty in the evening.
May 10: take coach/group tour for Terra-cotta and Banpo Museum
Pick you up from your hotel in the morning, visit Banpo Neolithic Village Museum. The 6,000-year-old Banpo site was a typical matriarchal clan community in the Yellow River Valley. The site was first discovered in the year of 1953. It shows the typical life of a maternal community in Yangshao period in Neolithic Age 6000 years ago, including their social organization, production and life, economic pattern, marital status, customs and habits, culture and art etc.
And then visit Qin Terra-cotta Warriors, the greatest archaeological findings of the century: the army of terra-cotta warriors and the bronze chariots entombed in vast underground vaults at emperor Qin's tomb. It is a very important symbols of Xi’an. In ancient China, when a person died, especially someone of high status or with wealth, there would be someone or something to be buried with the dead. The Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses were built to be buried with First Emperor of Qin when he died. Chinese emperors usually began to built their tombs when he was alive. Qin Shi Huang began to build his tomb soon after he became an emperor. It takes about 40 years to finish the whole project. Over 700 thousand labors took part in the construction of the Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. You will appreciate the marvelous Terracotta warriors in full battle array of Emperor Qin's tomb.

After the tour, send you to the train station.

4 star hotel: Xian Ramada Bell Tower hotel.

4 star hotel + tour package, you have 2 persons: 1730CNY about 278USD per person.

If you take two days private tour with 4 star hotel package, the tour fee is 1840CNY about 291USD per person;

You can plus the train ticket fee by yourself according to your choice.

Await your reply sooner.

Asked by Catheri** Date Added:
Question: We are planning a 3 week holiday in China. To start this, we will be arriving in Xi'an on Saturday 15th December and will be staying at the Xi'an Eastern House Boutique Hotel,We will be in Xi'an until Tuesday 19th December and so are keen to ensure that we have a tour to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Terracotta Warrior Museum. ,Accepting this is a very early inquiry we are keen to ensure we book well ahead of time as I am sure that this visitor attraction is highly popular and thus heavily booked,With many thanks in advance ,Catherine Klimes (Mrs)


According to your time schedule, we can arrange the following 2 Days Classic Tour Package for you, please have a look.

2 Days Classical Xian Private Tour Package

Private Tour (you are 2 persons), : $247 (1,560CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

If you need airport transfer service, we charge 400CNY ($64) Per way for two person


Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about it.

Await for your reply



Asked by Danie** Date Added:
Question: 2 Days (1 Night) Xian Tour Hotel Package, Your question about our tour packen? The 2 day xian Tour ,Which time the tour starts? There are man flights from beijing to xian, but at which time i should be in xian latest? Which time the tour ends? At which time ich could book a flight back? Thank you in advance


Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look.

2 Days (1 Night) Xian Tour + Hotel Package

3 Star Hotel + Tour Package, you are 1 person, : $369 (2,360CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

For this tour package, please book a flight arrive in Xi'an before 10am and leave after 7pm so that you have enough time to complete the tour.

Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about the tour.


Asked by D** Date Added:
Question: Prefer a private tour, I wish to fly from Chengdu round trip. , I will need flight arrangements made and would like a 4 star hotel
please book morning flight from Chengdu to Xian and evening flight from Xian to Chengdu by link
4 Star Hotel + Tour Package, you are 1 person, : $377 (2,530CNY)

Tour price includes: Tour price excludes:
 Pick-up and drop off service from the airport and  your hotel.  Tips for the tour guide and driver.
 Meals as listed  Personal expenses.
 Entrance tickets  
 Hotels (two people live in one room) as listed in the itinerary. The third person will have an extra bed in the same room  
 Private air-conditioned vehicles (car, van or bus). Click here for vehicle mode.  
 English Speaking tour guide.
tour itinerary:
please feel free to tell us your questions.
Asked by Ste** Date Added:
Question: ,Prefer Private - 3 adults, 1 child (child in wheelchair),Arrive 2-24 by train from Zhenzhou (G97 at 4:47),Booked in Bell Tower 24 & 25th,Depart for Beijing 26th. (Flight),Would like train & airport transfers, and 2 day package warriors, museum

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net

You have 3 adults and 1 child, right? How tall is your child? Is he or she taller than110cm?

From Sep 24th to Sep 26th, it is 3 days and 2 nights.

Can you send us schedule of your flight of Sep 26th?

Do you need us to book ticket of the train G97? 1st class seat or 2nd class seat?

Asked by Ju** Date Added:
Question: Hi I want to book the tour for the 26th, flying from Jinan to Xian , what time is the latest afternoon pickup from the airport. is it possible to pick up from the train station? I also want to know what time approximately the tour will end on the 27th, , ,I would like to stay at the 4 star hotel

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net

Hi I want to book the tour for the 26th, flying fromJinanto Xian , what time is the latest afternoon pickup from the airport

--We can pick you at any time, bit there will be 50CNY extra if your flight arrive in Xian after 22:00.

is it possible to pick up from the train station? 

I also want to know what time approximately the tour will end on the 27th.

--the tour ends around 18:00, so you have to book train or flights departs after 20:00.

There are Shanxi Provincial Museum, Ancient Wall and Tang Dynasty show on day 1 in 2 Days 1 Night Xian Tour Hotel Package, do you want to cancel them and just have one day tour on day 2?


Asked by Regi** Date Added:
Question: Shared coach/bus is fine,Can I visit all of these sites in 2 days/1 night,Bell Tower ,Ancient city wall ,Great mosque,Tang dynasty show ,terra cotta warriors ,shaanxi history museum ,wild goose pagoda ,Do you need us book hotel or flight in the destination city? Yes for both hotel and flight, How much to add round-trip flight from Shanghai? Which hotel? 3 star or 4,5 star hotel? your target price and requirement? 3 stars hotel is ok
Asked by Migue** Date Added:
Question: Good afternoon. We have plans to take this tour, but we are arriving from Beijing to Xian in Train (8:30 a.m./ September 10). My question is is it is possible to be pick up from the train station at 8:30 am. We are really interested in coach tour,We are really interested in other packages tours in this company. One in Beijing (classic tour, 3 days Beijing. then this tour in Xian, and our last one in Beijing (hangzhou tour, 1 day.),Our plan is (Beiing: September 7, 8 and 9), Xian (September 10 and 11), and Shangai (12, 13 and 14),
, and please take a look the price for the coach tour in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai below.

Beiing: September 7, 8 and 9):3 days Beijing coach tour, and the tour fee is 700CNY about 109USD per person.

Xian (September 10 and 11): 2 days Xian coach tour, and the tour fee is 1000CNY about 156USD per person, and we can pick you up from the train station at 8:30am.

Shangai (12, 13 and 14): 1 day Shanghai city coach tour +1 day Suzhou&Zhouzhuang coach tour +1 day Hangzhou coach tour: 2110CNY about 330USD per person.

Shanghai coach tour (480CNY about 75USD per person): Get on Bus -- Yu Yuan Garden, – Bund -Xintiandi Old French Concession- lunch- People Square(Passby Town House and Grand Theater)-Shanghai City Planning Exhibition Hall- Jade Buddha Temple-Gift Shop-Back to the hotel.

Suzhou and Zhouzhuang (750CNY about 117USD per person): Boarding -Humble Administrator's Garden- Lion Forest Garden-Pass by Grand Canal-Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory- Lunch -Zhouzhuang Watertown -Rowing Boat –back to Shanghai

Hangzhou coach tour (880CNY about 138USD per person): Route:Boarding - Ling Yin Temple (One of the oldest and best Buddha Temple in China) - Red Carp Pond - Lunch - West Lake Cruise - Dragon well Tea Village - back.

If you want to book above tours, please reply me with hotel details. thanks.

Have a nice day.

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