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Q&A: 4 day 3 night(without hotel) Datong, Taiyuan and Pingyao tour
Asked by Dia** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Do you want to customize the tour? if yes please tell us your plan and request:,Hello! We would like to spend 1 day in Datong and drive to Pingyao. I arranged my hotels already,Drive to Yugan grottos, Hanging temple (Xuankongsi) or your suggestion. Then drive to Pingyao on the 28 of March. Visit Gingko Wang Family Residence and Double Forest Monastery.Visit Qiao Family Residence in the afternoon. Return and visit Pingyao Old Town in the afternoon. Or your suggestion,Do you need us book hotel or flight/train? if yes please tell us:,We have hotels already,Please let me know as soon as possible. Prices and availability,Thanks
Thanks for your tour inquiry about Datong and Pingyao, and please offer below details, so that I can arrange the itinerary and offer the price.
1, What's your arrival time in Datong? by flight or train?
2, you booked the hotel on Mar 27 in Datong and Mar 28 in Pingyao, right?
3, You just need the tour on Mar 27, Mar 28 and Mar 29?
4, Do you need airport or train station drop-off service? and the departure date?
Await your reply sooner.
Asked by cop** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?: this package is very interesting for us but in Pingyao we , visit the old town and the Temple but we must take the express train at 16H58 for Xian it's , possible ???
Asked by SHE** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,how long does it take to drive from end of your day 2 schedule and drive to the next destination, Taiyuan, please see our proposal if it is alright and also,th price. Thanks. Mr. Sheu ,5//8 Your PROGRAM 5/9 應繇木塔,懸空寺,恒,山,雁門關,回大同酒店5/10自大同乘飛機到太原,參觀晉祠,山西博物館,煤炭博物館 5/11喬家大院,平遥 5/12 張壁古堡,廣勝寺,王家大院 5/13平遙縣衙,鏢局,票號,,明清一蘅等。5/24 太原機場
Thanks for your email and phone call just now, and I call the local partner for your question and itinerary, and your itinerary is no any problem, and we can arrange this tailored trip.

5.7 下午5点多接机

5.8 云冈石窟,善华斯,华严寺,九龙壁

5/9 應繇木塔,懸空寺,恒山,雁門關, 开车直接去太原,车程3小时和回大同相同里程。宿太原。

5/10 參觀晉祠,山西博物館,煤炭博物館,宿太原。


5/12 張壁古堡,廣勝寺,王家大院


5/14 太原機場送机

Asked by GIANLU** Date Added:

As for your request, we can organize a private tour package for your family to visit Datong, Wutaishan, Pingyao, Xi'an and Luoyang, but before sending you the tour itinerary, I would like to know:

1) At which city will you arrive in China? Datong? or other cities? And departure?

2) How many days do you have to this whole trip?

Please let us know so that we can check how to arrange the tour packages for you.

Asked by Mar** Date Added:
Question: Can the last night of this tour be spent in Pingyao with travel to Taiyuan made later on the fourth day? Do you have recommended accommodation in the places this tour stays - we would prefer 4 star room with shower and toilet- and what would be the cost of the flight Beijing to Datong and fast train Taiyuan to Beijing on the Thursday afternoon,Are the Tour Drivers English speaking?
Answer: Planned Tour Date:2013-10-28, Number of Person:2, Interested in:4 day 3 night(without hotel) Datong, Taiyuan and Pingyao tour;

Thanks for your attention on

Please take a look the cost for each program.

4 days 3 nights private tour without hotel package: 4290CNY about 709USD per person; 

4 star hotel: 1 night in Datong and 2 nights in Taiyuan.

in Datong: Datong hotel, and the room fee is 318CNY about 53USD per room per night including 2 breakfasts;

in Taiyuan: Taiyuan Shanxi Grand hotel, and the room fee is 630CNY about 105USD per room per night including 2 breakfass;

Or Taiyuan Shanxi Tian Rui Business hotel, and room fee is 486CNY about 80USD per room per night including 2 breakfasts;

The airfare is 546CNY about 90USD per person by CA1119 7:05-8:20 from Beijing to Datong.

The first class seat fee is 457CNY about 75USD per person or second class seat fee is 361CNY about 60USD per person by G608 13:43-16:38 from Taiyuan to Beijing.

Please check above details, and if you want to book all of them from us, please reply me with your full names, passport number and payment method, and I will go ahead for the booking soon.

Asked by Iv** Date Added:
Question: Hi,I will be arriving at 8.25am at the Datong airport. How much is this tour for 2 persons? Thanks,Regards,Ivan


4 day 3 night(without hotel) Datong, Taiyuan and Pingyao tour will be ended at Taiyuan Airport/Railway Station, is it OK? Here is the itinerary of this tour, please have a look:

Day1: Arrival at Datong.
Pick you up from the airport or train station in Datong, after your quick checkin hotel and then to visit the Yungang Grottoes(Cloud Ridge Caves), Huayan Monastery, Shanhua Monastery and Nine Dragon Screen.

- Yungang Grottoes: A treasure house of rare and splendid Chinese sculptures enjoys worldwide fame. These grottoes are the main reason most people make it to Datong. The grottoes contain over 50,000 Buddihist statues and stretch for about 1 km east to west.
-Huayan Monastery: This monastery is on the western side of Datong city. The original monastery dates back to AD 1140 and the reign of Emperor Tian Ju'an of the Jin dynasty. The entire complex is being developed into a regional museum.
-Shanhua Monastery: Built during the Tang dynasty, rebuilt in AD 1120, further restoration was done during the Ming dynasty.  The main hall contains statues of 24 divine generals. There is a small dragon screen within the monastery grounds.
-Nine Dragon Screen: One of Datong's several 'dragon screens'-tiled walls depicting fire-breathing dragons. It was originally part of the gate of the palace of Ming dynasty emperor Ming Taizu's 13th son, and is 8m high, over 45m long and 2m thick.

Day2: Datong - Taiyuan
Pick you up from your hotel. Visit Suspending Temple (Hanging Monastery) and the Wooden Pagoda. Drive you your hotel in Taiyuan.

-Suspending Temple(Hanging Monastery): This monastery is just outside the town of Hunyuan, 65km south-east of Datong. Built precariously on sheer cliffs above Jinlong Canyon,the monastery dates back more than 1400 years. Its halls and pavilions were built along the contours of the cliff face using the natural hollows and outcrops. The buildings are connected by corridors, bridges and boardwalks and contain bronze, iron and stone statues of gods and buddhas.
-Wooden Pagoda: This 11-century pagoda at Yingxian, 70km south of Datong, is one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world. It's said that not a single nail was used in the onstruction of the nine-storey, 97m structure.

Day3: Taiyuan - Pingyao
today drive to Pingyao, while we visit the Jinci Temple, Qiao Family Compound, the Shuanglin Temple and have a biking ride through the ancient town of Pingyao along Ancient City Wall and explore the Mingging street. At the end of tour, drive back to Taiyuan.

Day4: Departure at Taiyuan
See you off to the airport or train station.

Are you satisfied with this itinerary?

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4 day 3 night(without hotel) Datong, Taiyuan and Pingyao tour
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