4 days Classical Taiyuan, Wutaishan, Pingyao and Datong tour

Day 1: (L) Beijing-Taiyuan

We can arrange the morning flight for you, and you will make your own way to the airport in Beijing. You will take the morning flight CA1145 7:25-8:30 or MU5292 08:05-9:20 from Beijing to Taiyuan, and upon your arrival, the local guide will pick you up from the airport.

Today, you will visit four famous mountains of Buddhism-Wutai Mountain, after lunch visit the mountain: the biggest and oldest temple in Wutai Mountain-Xiantong Temple, the head of yellow religion temple - Posa Top, the marking building of Wutai Mountain - Tower Temple, and the most efficacious temple - Ten thousand Buddha Temple(Wuye Temple)

Day 2: (B+L) Wutai Mountain-Datong

After breakfast go to Datong which is the second city of Shanxi, on the way to Datong visit one of the eight view of Heng Mountain-Hanging Temple of Heng Mountain, in the afternoon visit the head of Chinese stone carving art Yungang Grottoes, and the biggest screen Ning-Dragon Screen.

Day 3: (B+L) Datong-Taiyuan

After breakfast, we will drive back to Taiyuan, after lunch visit the "small Jiangnan of Shanxi" Jinci Temple, and Shanxi Vinegar Culture Park.

Go to the world cultural heritage Pingyao Ancient City.

Day 4: (B+L) Taiyuan-Beijing

Visit the city wall, Former Site of the Bank of China - Rishengchang Exchange Shop, Ming Qing Street. Ruturn to Taiyuan after lunch, on the way to Taiyuan visit the Miniature of the culture of Jin Businessmen - Qiao Family Courtyard. After supper see the team off.

The local guide and driver will see goodbye with you at the airport, and you will take MU5299 19:20-20:35 to Beijing.

Hotel options:

  In Wutai Mountain In Datong In Taiyuan


Wufeng Hotel Datong Yungang International Hotel Grand Metropole Wanshi Hotel
★★★★ Huahui Shangzhuang Hotel (4 star to be) Datong Hotel Yuyuan Hotel
★★★ No 3 star Hotel, 4 star hotel as above Hongqi Grand Hotel Huayuan Hotel

Our price including:
A. Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel,  private car or van; Sight Entrance tickets;
B. Meals as listed in the itinerary, B=breakfast; L=lunch; D=Dinner.
C. Personal tour guide & driver + private car / van for private transfer, English speaking tour guide explain sightseeings along the tour.
D. Hotels accommodation (two people live in one room) as listed in the itinerary.
E. All Service Charge and Taxes.

Suggestions: You may get to Datong from Beijing either by train or by air. Flights are available every day.

How to Book?
1. You can book online or by email, tell us which hotel to pick you up, then receive our confirmation email. 
2. When you arrive in Beijing, our tour guide will call you the night before the tour, if you are not in hotel room, we will leave a message in your room, to inform the time to pick you up in the next morning.

4 days Classical Taiyuan Wutaishan Pingyao and Datong tour pictures 4 days Classical Taiyuan Wutaishan Pingyao and Datong tour pictures 4 days Classical Taiyuan Wutaishan Pingyao and Datong tour pictures
4 days Classical Taiyuan Wutaishan Pingyao and Datong tour pictures 4 days Classical Taiyuan Wutaishan Pingyao and Datong tour pictures 4 days Classical Taiyuan Wutaishan Pingyao and Datong tour pictures

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Reply :    Thanks so much for your tour inquiry with us, and it is no problem that you arrange the hotel by yourself.   Day 1, you have to stay the first night in Wutaishan area, because it takes about 3 hours from Wutaishan to Datong, and it is too tired and late for both you and driver, so you'd better book one
Reply :    刘太您好,很抱歉现在才能恢复您,因为您上次发我的邮件看不到您的邮箱,所以没有办法联系您。根据您的时间,我们可以为您安排下面的行程: 6月16日 北京/太原火车(07:10-10:33),中午太原接火车,游览【晋祠】【中国煤炭博物馆】  宿:太原花园国际酒店 (5星) 6月17日 太原开车3.5小时到达五台山,游览【菩萨顶】【显通寺】【塔院寺】【万佛阁】      宿:五台山花卉山庄(4星,豪华间) 6月18日 离开五台山,驱车3小时浑源, 游览【悬空寺】,后2小时到大同游览【云冈石窟】  宿:大同金地豪生大酒店(5星) 6月19日 送大同火车站,乘车返回
Reply :    According to yoru request and the time schedule, here we have the following tour package for you, please have a look.Tour ItineraryApril 30: Beijing - Taiyuan by Bullet TrainPick you up from hotel in Beijing, transfer you to the Train station for you to catch bullet tra
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