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Q&A: 5 Day Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain tour
Asked by h** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,we need a 4 day package but the dates are 14 and 15 Jan and 20 and 221 Jan,we need a quote for Xiamen tour including Wuyi shan plus hotel, meal and transport, 4 star hotel
Thanks for your tour inquiry with us, and please tell me your arrival time on Jan 14th, and we just need arrange hotel on Jan 14, Jan 15 and Jan 20, right?
I made an itinerary for you, and please take a look.

1.14 xiamen-Wuyishan by fast train about 3h in the morning. Take bamboo rafts along the Nine-bend River,on both sides of which,there are some very famous peak,and hanging coffins among the cliffs.Afterward, walk in the Song Street,Wuyigong Palace,Sanqing Hall.

1.15 This morning, you'll start the pleasure trip in the world natural and cultural--Mt.Wuyi. First, visit the picturesque scenery in Haven Peak tourist zone, Cloud Cave,Jiesun Peak,Tea Cave etc. Visit Harmonious Temple, Water Curtain Cave, Eagle Mouth Rock and view the origin of the real Da Hong Pao tea. Afterward, taste the Wuyi tea.

You can take later night bullet train back to Xiamen today or next day morning train.

1.16 Transfer to train station (or transfer to airport) and arrive around noon, and please offer your hotel details, and we will send you there.

1.20 In the morning, visit Gulangyu Islet, the "Garden on the Sea" and "Architecture of the World". On Gulangyu Islet, you will visit Shuzhuang Garden and Piano Museum, the largest piano museum in Asia. In the afternoon, visit Hulishan Fortress, South Putuo Temple, Xiamen University overview, Golden Island Ring Road. After dinner, free activities in Zhongshan Shopping Street.

1.21 Transfer to airport

Await your reply sooner.

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Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,1) Does this tour package price quoted here (i.e. USD560) include All Flights to (i.e. going from Xiamen to Wuyishan) and fro Ii.e. going from Wuyishan to Xiamen)? 2) How much additional price to pay if were to include hotel accommodation at 3 star hotel (i.e. 6 nights stay ie 21/1 to 27/1 , and accommodation at at the respective destination ie Xiamen, Wuuyishan and Tulou)?
Thanks so much for your tour inquiry online, and would you like to take a 7 days 6 nights tour for Xiamen, Tulou and Wuyishan?
For 5 days Xiamen and Wuyishan tour, we also need make the quotation for you, so if you want to extend the trip, I can just offer the price for  your 7 days 6 nights tour.
May I know your arrival time on Jan 21 and departure time on Jan 27?
Merry Christmas and looking forward to hearing from you sooner. 
Asked by C H L** Date Added:
Question: The tour to the mountain and other places, are we going to hike? It is suitable for an 80 year old elderly? Possible for you to provide me with the list of your recommended hotels for each of the destination? I can be contacted through , at +673 8889961,Thank you
Asked by Li** Date Added:
Question: our questions about our tour package?: we are 2 adults and would like to join a group tour in Xiamen and to Wuyi Mountain. how much would this cost ?

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net.

There is only private tour in Xiamen and Wuyishan, do you accept it? You need 3 star or 4 star or 5 star hotel?

Can you read and write Chinese?

Asked by Lid** Date Added:
Question: Hi, If I were to take up a tour package for 5D Xiamen & Wuyi mountain, can the pick up be done from Quanzhou airport? We may be taking a flight to land Quanzhou instead of Xiamen,We will like to visit Meizhou island after the tour, hence, at the end of this Xiamen tour, can we be send back to Quanzhou or Putian please? Thanks
Asked by Pro** Date Added:
Question: -- We will be in Fuzhou for a conference ending the evening of April 20, -- We may consider going to tour the Wuyi Mountains starting April 21, -- We could then fly back to Beijing either April 23 evening or April 24 morning. Your suggestions would be welcome, -- The transportation from Fuzhou to Wuyi could be simply our taking the train with a guide meeting us at Wuyi, or it could be a guide with car picking us up in Fuzhou and driving to Wuyi, -- Are there interesting touring spots driving Fuzhou to Wuyi? -- Your 2 day touring itinerary for Wuyi looks like a good plan, -- We would need you to book 4,5 star hotels for the tour and an excellent English speaking guide, -- We are strict vegetarians (no meat or meat products at all) so the menu for the "farm dinner" and any other restaurant meals would need to be planned carefully, We look forward to receiving a proposal from you,Sincerely, Prof. and Mrs. Martin Golumbic

Thanks so much for your prompt email to, and I checked your schedule and made an itinerary for you below with the price.

Please take a look and reply me if you like it or have more questions.

By the way, there is just one entrance for Wuyi Mountain, and it is available for 2 days, so if you can walk faster, you can see most of sightseeing in the scenic area.

 Day 1: Fuzhou / Wuyi Mountain by train K8750 8:48-13:52 with seat (dinner)

You will go to the train station to print the ticket which we will reserve for you in advance, and then get on the train to Wuyishan station.

Upon your arrival, the local guide will wait for you at the station and hold a sign with your name on it.

Then you can have a half day tour for A Thread of Sky, Wind Cave, Red Robe etc.

Water Curtain Cave: It is the biggest cave in Wuyishan, it measures 100 meters high and 100 meters in width. The beauty lies in its drops of water rolling down into Dragon Bath Pool below. The two streams of spring from above the cave keep running all the year round, making the cave appear to hang a multicolored curtain at its entrance.

Day 2: Wuyishan-Beijing by flight MF8121 21:00-23:15 (Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner)
After breakfast, we will visit Clund Cave, Tea Cave, Tianyou Peak. Then have lunch, raft Nine Twist,visit Wuyi palace, Song Dynasty Street. In the evening, you can enjoy a delicious farmhouse dinner.

WuYi  Mountain: It is one of China's best known beauty spots. A green river weaves its way around the red hills. Two of the best sites are of the "Three-Three" and the "Six-Six". The former is the river, which bends nine times as it meanders around the foot of the mountain, and the latter refers to the 36 peaks rising steeply from the river. For more than 1,000 years, poets have flocked there to write praises of its natural beauty.
Nine-twist Stream: It is 9.5 kilometer long, which is typical of the breathtaking scenery. The best way of enjoy the trip is to take a bamboo raft to pass through shallows, rapids and pools along the stream while appreciating majestic and imposing peaks that are surrounded by exquisite scenery, flowers and birds.

Heavenly Tour Peak:The peak stands at the centre of the Wuyi Scenic Area, commanding a bird's eye view of the fabulous Nine-twist Stream. On the top, one sees peaks over peaks below with beautiful landscape stretching to a misty distance.

4 star hotel: The new decoration last year, Kaiyuan Century hotel;

4 star hotel + tour + train + flight: 3550CNY about 584USD per person;

5 star hotel: C&D Resort,Wuyi Mountain;

5 star hotel + tour + train + flight: 3780CNY about 622USD per person;

Our price including:
A.Pick up and drop-off from your hotel ; Entrance fees;
B. Meals as listed in the itinerary,( strict vegetarians, no meat or meat products at all) B=breakfast; L=lunch; D=Dinner.
C. Personal Guide & Driver + Private car / van for Private Transfers and sightseeing.
D All Service Charge and Taxes.
E.Luggage Transfers between airports and hotels.
F. Air tickets fare from Xiamen to Wuyi Mountain.

A.Hote accommodation fare.
B. Visa Fees.
C. Personal Expenses.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Asked by l** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,we wish to travel to mt. wuyi for 4 to 5 days, from xiamen

As for your request, we can arrange a 5 Days Private Tour package for you to visit Xiamen and Wuyi Mountain by flight.

But before sending you the itinerary and price, we would like to know do you need us to book hotel for you? What about the hotel budget? 3 or 4 star?

Asked by T** Date Added:
Question: Looking for a customised tour to Wuyi Mountain,Travelling pack of 2,Is around 20th to 23rd of May a good time to visit Wuyi Mountain? Is it the raining season? My dates are flexible,Keen on a Wuyi Mountain 4 Days Tour (Private transfer + private car or van + hotel + private local tour guide + entrance fees + Meals as listed) but I only need a Chinese speaking female guide,Most likely, we will be travelling from Shenzhen to Wuyishan on CRH,But do you also have a package with flight included? What are the available options for accommodations at Wuyi Mountain? Hope to hear a reply soon for a discussion


我们可以为您安排5天4晚厦门和武夷山的旅游,全程包车游(只有你们2人,导游和司机),我们可以为您预订深圳到厦门的高铁火车票,然后厦门到武夷山安排往返飞机。 请告诉我们你的酒店需要几星级? 一遍我们给您报价,谢谢.

Asked by H** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,1. Do you have a list of recommended hotels for both Xiamen and Wuyi mountain? (preferably 3 and 4 stars hotels),2. Does your tour package include a round trip flight between Xiamen and Wuyi mountain? 3. We would like an additional half a day in Xiamen for a free and easy travel, would it be possible to include that into the package? 4. Does the tour package include additional costs (entrance fees, rides, ferry tickets)? 5. What is the mode of transport your company will include in the package? 6. Does the package include a tour guide? Taking the above into consideration, would you be able to provide an estimate cost/pax for the tour package? Thank you.

Here are some information for you about the 5 Days Tour in Xiamen and Wuyishan, please have a look,

Planned Tour Date:2014-03-24, Number of Person:7, Interested in:5 Day Xiamen ,

1. Do you have a list of recommended hotels for both Xiamen and Wuyi mountain? (preferably 3 and 4 stars hotels)

A: Yes, we can arrange this tour package with Hotel accommoadtions with agent price.

2. Does your tour package include a round trip flight between Xiamen and Wuyi mountain?

A: No, just include one way flight from Xiamen to Wuyishan, but if you get back to Xiamen after the tour, then we can include returned flight for you.

3. We would like an additional half a day in Xiamen for a free and easy travel, would it be possible to include that into the package?

A: Yes, this is a Private Tour Package, we can arrange it for you according to your time schedule and request.

4. Does the tour package include additional costs (entrance fees, rides, ferry tickets)?

A: No, all charges for the tours are already included, we will mention in the itinerary if there is additional charges needed.

5. What is the mode of transport your company will include in the package?

A: For you 7 person group, we will arrange a mini bus for you in Xiamen and Wuyishan.

6. Does the package include a tour guide? Taking the above into consideration, would you be able to provide an estimate cost/pax for the tour package?

A: Yes, an English speaking tour guide (Chinese) is included in the tour to accompany you during the tour. We can offer you exact tour itinerary and price according to your time schedule, so please reply us When will you arrive in Xiamen, how many days/nights stay? And when leave Xiamen? So that we can offer you tour package with price.

Asked by O** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Can you provide us Vegetarian meals everyday ,Please book for us 4 star Hotel

Please reply us your Arrival and Departure flight information so that we can check and offer you price for the tour.

We can arrange vegetarian food for you.

Asked by Ma** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package, we would like to add 1 day hangzhou tour added to 5 days Xiamen - mount wuyi tour, if possible pls customize it accordingly, Yes, 4 star hotel
Answer: Planned Tour Date:2013-11-01, Number of Person:4 adults and 1 children under 1 meter;

Thanks so much for your promotion email, and if you want to visit Hangzhou, will you flight to Hangzhou by your own?

You want to visit in Hangzhou in advance or after Xiamen tour?

Please offer your flight schedule to me, and then I can make a itinerary with quotation.

Thanks for your time.

Asked by ** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,xiamen 5 day tour,i would like to go to Tulou can it be included in this package? I need you to include the hotel. We would prefer 4 to 5 star hotel. can you recommand to us. And we are looking at private tour




Day 1:  Arrival in Xiamen (D)

Upon arrival, tour along the Ring Road-the most beautiful Marathon Crouse. Check in hotel after dinner.

Day 2: Xiamen to Kinmen (B,L,D)

This morning, transfer to dock by bus, and take ferry to Jinmen. On this island, you’ll visit Deyue Turret, Jinshui Elementary School, Huang’s Youtang Villa and Zhaishan Tunnel. After lunch, take bus to visit Juguang Mansion and climb Taiwu Mountain.

Day 3: Kinmen to Xiamen to Tulou (B,L,D)

Today, Visit Cihu Lake and stroll along the Cidi Causeway and visit Double Carp Wetlands Center, Jinmen National Park. Take ferry back to Xiamen, you’ll go ahead to Yongding after lunch by bus. Upon arrival, you’ll overnight in the best hotel in this town. You may enjoy the natural hot spring in the mountains.

Day 4: Tulou to Xiamen (B,L,D)

You will visit Chuxi Tulou Cluster Scenic Spot. In the village, you’ll see many Tulou Building, which like UFO fall down from the sky. We will get inside the Jiqin Lou, which has been a Hakka Culture Museum. You will see the totem of Hakka there. In the afternoon, you’ll transfer back to Xiamen.

Day 5: Xiamen (B,L)

In this morning, you will take a ferry to Gulangyu Islet, an oasis with serene beauty, a tranquil atmosphere and buildings in various architectural styles. After a short, five-minute ferry, arrive at Gulangyu. You will visit Shuzhuang Garden. Then, visit the Hi-Heaven Villa, which is the largest villa building on this Island. In the afternoon, you’ll fly back.



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