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Q&A: 7 Days Tibetan Buddhism Culture Tour
Asked by ALVA** Date Added:
Question: 7 day Tibetan Buddhist Tour, Your questions about our tour package?:,Do you want to customize the tour? if yes please tell us your plan and request:
As for your request for a tour to Tibet, we have to mention that Foreign tourist must be accompanied with a local tour guide, so even you have the day free there.
And if you book hotel by yourself, the tours for the whole package you requested costs around 7,280CNY ($1,120) Per Person
You may let us know if you are OK
Asked by Pau** Date Added:
Question: I'd need help getting to the Nepal border at the end of the tour. Willing to share a room
For the 7 days Tibetan Buddhist Tour, there is only PRIVATE TOUR available and we can transfer you to the border of Nepal, but have to mention that is quite far and expensive.
So let us know if you are OK with the budget
Asked by Son** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,We are Bhutanese Nationals, from Bhutan. Would it be possible to arrange our visit to Tibet? Hotels: 03 Star - clean with breakfast
Asked by Viktori** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,What is the pricE? what does it include? how mwny people in the group -? and when do you have the trips in late June?

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net

7 day Tibetan Buddhist Tour is private tour and it is available every day. Do you accept private tour?

When you'd like to start the tour? You need 3 star or 4 star or 5 star hotel?

Asked by dani** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,how is weather in this season to visit tibet? ,hotels not included? how much is priced each (***, ****, ¨***** ??)

Hi daniel,

For visiting Tibet in March, it will be cold there, especially in the evening.

For the 7 Days Private Tour Package without flights, but without hotel, the price is around $2,210 for yourself, if you think it alright, please let us know.

Asked by y** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,did u have the tour is starting on linzhi to lhasa,27/4 D1抵達成都(2300)自行回酒店(成都酒店我们自己可以预订),28/4 D2成都飞林芝,接团友回酒店入住、备案登记。 宿:八一镇, 之后开始行程:色季拉山口 南迦巴瓦峰 鲁朗林海 田园风光,29/4 D3 林芝--拉萨: 卡定沟瀑布 尼洋河 中流砥柱 邦杰塘草原 米拉山口 拉萨 宿:拉萨 ,30/4 D4 拉萨市内:布达拉宫 大昭寺八角街 宿:拉萨,01/5 D5 拉萨市内:药王山 博物馆 色拉寺 宿:拉萨 ,02/5 D6 拉薩--日喀则:羊卓雍错 卡若拉冰川 宗山城堡 扎什伦布寺 宿:日喀则,03/5 D7 日喀则--尼木县 念青唐古拉山 羊八井 纳木错 宿:纳木错,04/5 D8 纳木错 当雄 拉萨 宿:拉萨,05/5 D9 離開拉薩送机飞回成都转机回马来西亚(回程2355)(安排车子、不安排导游),the flight from chengdu to linzhi and lhasa to chengdu, hotel is 3 star, my target price is RMB6000-7500

If you would like to take a private tour, we can arrange the trip for you.

What's your hotel budget in the trip?

Do you need flight booking from us?

Asked by T** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Is this tour available all year around? Is it available at my requested tour start date?

You'd like to take private tour or join group tour? The private tour is available every day. As for group tour, it starts on Jan 14th.

Asked by E** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:,Hi. On the site, there is no tour package for that tour. Please, can you provide me with total price including 3 stars hotels and maybe flight from Beijing to Lhasa (separate from the price),I have another question. What about visa to Tibet. We are citizens of Slovak Republic (currently living in PRC). Do you organize all essential activities to get visas for us, or should we ask for visas somewhere....?
Asked by Jose** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:Is Tibet can be visited by elder people with had been broaden blockage coronary artery, What is the daily temperature, is there any oxygen supplied if needed caused due to less of oxygen in high land

It is OK to visit Tibet for elder people. But less of oxygen in high land, so you have to check with your own health condition.

Also there is a new restriction now according to the policy of tourism bureau, you have to get at least 5 person together with you to apply for the Tibet Permit. Otherwise we cannot apply for the Tibet Travel Permit

Asked by juliet** Date Added:
Question: Your questions about our tour package?:

It's nice to see your email, wish you are well.

I have checked your tour plan to Tibet this April, but for your entry of Tibet, there is a special Travel Permit needed. Which we will apply for it with local tourism bureau, which will need at least 2 weeks before your departures. So if you want to travel on 14 or 15th, April , we have not time to apply for it.

Can you delay your tour time to next month or some other cities?

You can reply me here

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7 Days Tibetan Buddhism Culture Tour
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7 Days Tibetan Buddhism Culture Tour