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Q&A: 7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour
Asked by Ekateri** Date Added:
Question: Hello!,I like this tour, but I would like to customize/prolong it with visit to Daxu old city and to village of Yao long-hair women,I am travelling alone and prefer budget hotels,Could you send me itinerary and price suggestion,Thanks in advance,Ekaterina

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net

The quotation of 7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour is

3 Star Hotel + Tour Package, you are 1 person, : $1,227 (8,350CNY)


We can add Daxu Old Town into day 3, and there will be 300CNY(44USD) surcharge for transportation service fee.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Asked by Andr** Date Added:
Question: Dear Team,we are 3 people from Austria and we are very interested to visit the area of GUILIN. We saw on her homepage that you are a tour operator,We want to ask to send us an offer for a tour from 18.03.2016 to 25.03.2016. Can you offer us a tour including the arrival and departure (from Macau or Hongkong and going back to Hongkong) or give us any advice for arrival and departure? We would like to stay in a triple room, 3 star if its possible,Yours sincerely,Andrea Legath
Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look.

7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour

3 Star Hotel + Tour Package, you have 3 persons, : $801 (5,070CNY) Per Person

Tour Itinerary:

If you stay an extra day in Guilin, you just need to pay room fee 150CNY ($24) Per Person.

If you need us to book flights for you, here we have the following options from/to Hong Kong.

Flight KA704, Hong Kong to Guilin, 14:15 - 15:40.
Flight KA703, Guilin to Hong Kong, 17:50 - 19:10

Price including tax: 3,890CNY ($617) Per Person

(Flight price maybe changed in further)

Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions.



Asked by Nath** Date Added:
Question: private ,can you pls suggest a good itinarary for 7D/6N program, we prefer 3* hotels with full board and english speaking guild. Also to include all entrance fees including the famous impression show

Thanks for sending email to

Are you satisfied with the itinerary of 7 DaysGuilinSanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour? Or would you like to modify it? The itinerary of private tour is flexiable.

Asked by Ma** Date Added:
Question: private tour for 4 people,looking at adding the river rafting option. Does it involve an extra day or is it somewhere in your existing itinerary ? 3 star hotels
Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look.
7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour

3 Star Hotel + Tour Package, you have 3~5 persons, : $801 (5,070CNY) Per Person
Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo Yulong River, : +$32 (200CNY) Per Person

The Bamboo Rafting can be arranged on the day of the tour in Yangshuo, no need extra days.

Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about the tour.

Asked by ELIZABE** Date Added:
Question: private tour,3 star hotel and flight from Hongqiao or from Shanghai whichever is cheaper flight. We reside in Suzhou
Here is the tour package for you, please have a look.
7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour

This tour starts everyday , private tour.

Asked by EDWA** Date Added:
Question: Please advice on the draft pricing for both tour, can follow the tour schedule, ,Please advice if you provide the hotel together, 3 - 4 stars hotel is fine
For the 7 days tour, only private tour is available.
Asked by Pet** Date Added:
Question: Private Tour,Dear sir/madam,This is Peter Raj Machial from KL. I'm a Malaysian Indian,Plan to travel to Guilin, China with my wife on 30th April 2015,Already bought our tickets,Looking for a best & affordable tour package from your company,Give me two quotation with Itenary,Quotation 1: Your choice,Please suggest an Itenary with Quotation for 8D7N,Choice of places, I leave it to you,Don't follow my requirements,Quotation 2: My choice,30th Apr - Transfer from airport to hotel (free & easy),1st May - Tour package,2nd May - Tour package,3rd May - Tour package,4th May - Tour package,5th May - Free & easy,6th May - Free & easy,7th May - Transfer from hotel to airport ,Further Requirements & Details:, of pax: 2 pax (both adults),Travelling period: 30th April to 7th May 2015 (8D7N),Travel by: Air Asia - AK156 / AK157 (KUL-KWL-KUL),Arrival: Guilin - Thu 30th Apr 2015, 1025 hrs ( 10:25AM),Departure: Guilin - Thu 7th May 2015, 1110 hrs ( 11:10AM),Hotel type: 3 star hotels with breakfast (price between CNY150-CNY200),Food arrangement: Need vegetarian food on Sunday (3rd May 2015),Places of interest in mind: Guilin - Yangshuo - Longsheng (you may give us some option),Tour type: Private tour by car with English speaking driver (no tour guide needed),Remark: We are nature lovers & Li river cruise is a must in the itenary, ,Hope I have covered most of the details (as above) for you to draft our itenary & quotation,Wish you will provide us your best offering,Please revert. Hope to hear from you soon, , ,Flight tickets to Guilin I already bought. You may book 3 star hotels that range between CNY150-CNY200
Yes, we can arrange vegetarian food on Sunday (3rd May 2015). But our driver can't speak English.
The price of 7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour with 3 star hotel is 5490CNY(903USD) per person if you have 2 people, and you need to pay one night room fee more if you'd like to extend tour to 8 days. Do you accept it?
Asked by Grig** Date Added:
Question: coach/bus tour,I am looking for the price for the budget package in this tour



Are you interested in booking a tour to Guilin now? How about your tour to Zhangjiajie?

For the tours in Guilin, we can arrange 1 Day Coach Tour to Li River and Yangshuo now, but cannot confirm you other group tours in the Winter season, is it OK?

You may reply me.

Asked by Mari** Date Added:
Question: Hello,I am trying to plan a little tour for my french grand father. Would it be possible to have a french speaking guide for the 7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour ? Thank you very much !
Answer: Planned Tour Date:2014-05-19, Number of Person:3, Interested in:7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour,

Thanks for your attention on

For this tour, we can arrange French speaking guide for you, but there is extra 400CNY about 67USD per day, is that OK?

Do you need the itinerary and quotation or you can book it online?

If you need the quotation, please let me know your hotel budget, and do you need two rooms or triple room?

By the way, there is only local hostel in Longsheng and 4 star hotel is the best in Sanjiang.

Asked by Ali** Date Added:
Question: private tour,If I arrive in Hanoi, tour Halong Bay then join your tour, how can this be arranged? I dont want the free leasure day,Include 4 star hotel (non-smoking)
Answer: Planned Tour Date:12/28/2012, Number of Person:4,

Do you mean that you will arrive at Hainai first, then you can take a flight from Haikou to Guilin.

If you do not want to be free at leisure in the first day, we can also add some sites in Guilin. Do you have any other request?

Asked by M** Date Added:
Question: I would like to not go see the flute reed tour, etc. but I can I exchange it to do something else, like see another minority group, or take a bamboo raft ride on the Li River...or we can get a discount for not going all 7 days, but only 6 day? So is going on the coach bus cheaper then the private tour, or the same price? We like to start in Guiyang to see the minorities there. We like to see as many Miao minority groups as possible and also like to see some of their performances, costumes, etc. Then from there, we like to follow through to the 7 days here to Yangshuo, We just like the budget hotels, whatever is cheaper but nice too

As for the 7 Days tour package to Guilin and Yangshuo, we only have private tour available, NO others join in.

We can delete the flute, but will be no much change for the itinerary, of course, you have more time in Yangshuo for self activities.

If you also need a tour in Guilin, we can do that, but what is your tour starting date from Guiyang?

You may let us know more about your tour itinerary of next year

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7 Days Guilin Sanjiang Longsheng Yangshuo Tour
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