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Q&A: 8 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Shanghai) by Train
Asked by Shailesh Date Added:
Question: 8 days group tour does it include breakfast , lunch & dinner


Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look.

8 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Shanghai) by Train

Shoulder Season, (Mar, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov) : $936 (6,270CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

In this tour package, we have Breakfast included in the hotel and lunch on every tour day, but no dinner.

Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about the tour.

Asked by Vandana Date Added:
Question: I want to plan a tour from Guangzhou-Beijing-Shanghai
As per requested, we can arrange private tour package for you from Guangzhou to Beijing and Shanghai, but would like to know more about your time schedule.
1) Do you need tour arrangement in Guangzhou or just a flight booking from Guangzhou to Beijing?
2) After the tour finished in Shanghai, where will you go? Fly back to Guangzhou or your own arrangement?
3) How many days do you have for the tour?
Asked by Jesus Date Added:
Question: What about tour prices for 2017? My plan is September,normally I like to travel for my birthday..we are 4 persons..need to ask my job for dates..but I need to know your prices..8 day tour because 10 days might not come back on time for work.. I live in Phoenix, Arizona,USA

Dear Jesus Raya,

Thank you for your email to Chinatour.Net.

The price of 2017 will be confirmed in Jan, it will be 200~ 400CNY per person higher than 2016.

Asked by Duduzile Date Added:
Question: 8 Days Group Tour Beijing -Xian -Shanghai by Train, ,hi ,We will arrive in Beijing on the 24th December 2016 at 18:10 pm. our first tour will be ont he 25th December 2016. our return flight is from Beijing on the 1st January 2017 at 00:10am,please advise,kind regards,Duduzile Sibiya


Here is the tour package you preferred, please have a look.

8 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Shanghai) by Train

Winter Season (Dec, Jan, Feb), : $887 (5,700CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

If we start the tour on Dec 24th, then tour will be end on Dec 31st and you will check out from hotel at noon and went to the airport by yourself.

Please have a look and reply us if you have any questions about the tour.



Asked by Raquel Date Added:
Question: Hi, would you accommodate a solo traveler to join any of your group tours? I will be in Chiang Mai Thailand until Nov. 19 and is interested to join the tours in Beijing. Thanks

Dear Raquel,

8 Days Group Tour isn’t available if you have 1 people, do you have friends or relatives would like to join this tour?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Asked by Victoria Date Added:
Question: Hello, ,Can you please confirm if you have a triple room available in each hotel? We plan to travel two adults and a kid, he is 12 years old,We will also like to know the exact prices of the tour,Thank you in advanced,Regards, ,Victoria Adatty
Dear Victoria,
We can arrange 8 days group tour for your family, and the tour fee is $950 USD per person with trip room at 4 star hotel.
If you have any other question, please let me know for free.
Await your reply soon.
Asked by rosaura Date Added:
Question: Hello intereds ted in a small join tour for my family. we can also do daily tours. Please let me know what do you have Thank you
Please have a look at the following tour packages.

8 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Shanghai) by Train

Shoulder Season, (Mar, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov) : $936 (6,014CNY) Per Person

Tour Package:

If the child is taller than 1.2 Meter, then full price required.

Please have a look and reply us as soon as you can because there are no much train tickets available.



Asked by Susmita Date Added:
Question: Do I have to buy air tickets to Beijing and return from Shanghai? We are form India Kolkata. Suggest which is the economy airline from Kolkata
Dear Susmita,
, and you are right that you need book the flight to Beijing and departure from Shanghai by yourself, but we cannot check the international flight for you, and you'd better book the ticket from your side, because it is much cheaper than ours normally.
If you have any other question, please let me know for free.
Have a nice day,
Asked by nalika Date Added:
Question: We are from sri Lanka. My group want 2 twin rooms and 1 triple( child is staying with her parents. I want to know weather you can plan a tour for us during these days. Cant you arrange one flight and one train for two different cities. Please send me the best prices you could give us for both arrangements. I also want to know weather you could arrange the international flights too. if so the charges. Please reply me soon
Dear nalika ramanayaka,
Greetings from ChinaTour.Net
2 twin rooms and 1 triple is available, may I know how old are your child ?
we suggest you take train from Beijing to Xian, then take flight to Shanghai from Xian. is it ok for you ? if so , the price is $1,035 (6,650CNY) per person for 8 Days Group Tour Beijing -Xian -Shanghai, Beijing to Xian by Train & Xian to Shanghai by Flight. 
we can arrange the international flights. please tell us your request so that we can check it for you.
Have you get China Visa ?
Asked by Kawal Date Added:
Question: My wife and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary on this first holiday in China

Dear Kawal Pal Singh Kohli,

Thanks for your email to

8 Days Group Tour Beijing-Xian -Shanghaiby Train is available on every Mon, Wed and Fri, would you like to book it and start on Mar 11th? Have you booked inbound & outbound flights?

Asked by vineet Date Added:
Question: 8 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Shanghai) by Train, ,3* hotel, need and full detailed travel itinerary

Dear Vineet,

Thanks for sending email to .

The itinerary and price of 8 Days Group Tour (Beijing-Xian -Shanghai) by Train is:

Day 1 Arrival Beijing
You can meet your guide upon your flight or train arrival in Beijing, and you need go out of the custom alone and will see your guide holds a sign with your name on it at the exit to welcome you. Then the driver and guide will assist you to the Sunworld hotel in the bustling Wangfujing street, and you also can have a walk near your hotel to enjoy the nightlife of Beijing, you can walk along the most famous street in Beijing with lots of shopping malls, restaurants, snack alleys, etc, Wangfujing is must-visit place in Beijing. (Unlike other travel agency choose hotel in remote area, we choose hotel in the very center ofBeijing for you to feel realBeijing city.)

Accommodation: Sunworld Hotel, Beijing


Day 2 Beijing
Have a delicious buffet breakfast at your hotel, be prepared with your clothing and shoes since we are going to hike the Badaling Great Wall(about 1.5 hours drive from city center). You can choose hike or take cable car(cable car ticket not include) to reach the top of the great wall, when you see the wall stretch on the top of mountains to boundless distance, you will understand why this longest defensive wall in the world is one of the seven wonders in the world.
At noon, we will have lunch at a nice restaurant inside the Jade Museum near the great wall.
After lunch, we will go to the Ming Tomb (Dingling) and Sacred Way which are encircled in the shadow of Longevity Mountain. The Sacred Way is a road leading to the imperial tombs, alone the way guarded on both sides with stone statues by which the ancient emperors went to hold a memorial ceremony for the ancestors. The Dingling Tomb is one of the best preserved tomb of the thirteen Ming Tombs, which has a history of more than 600 years. After the ming tomb tour, we will drive back to the city, we will stop in Olympic National Stadium area, where you can take pictures of Bird's Nest and Water Cube. Finally we will go back to hotel in Wangfujing, you can have a rest in hotel or enjoy the night views of Wangfujing walking street (Huge variety of shops and great restaurants), if you are interested in our optional activity, you can also choose them for the evening time.

Optional activity in evening: 1. Peking roasted duck dinner, 2. Acrobat show in Chaoyang Theater 3. Peking Opera in Liyuan Theater.
Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Menu-ordered Chinese lunch


Day 3 Beijing
In the morning, after meeting our tour guide and other members in the lobby, we drive to the Tiananmen square, the biggest city square in the world, many great historical buildings are around the square, in the north of the square you will enter the Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City, to explore its fascinating halls and pavilions, where you will learn how and where the ancient emperors worked and lived, see their numerous priceless antique treasures. After we exit the Forbidden City, we will enter another attraction - Jingshan Park where we will see local Chinese residents taking exercise, singing or dancing, and we will climb the hill inside the park, when we reach the top of the hill, we will enjoy the bird view of the whole Forbidden City and Beijing central city, which is a highlight of today.
At noon, we will have lunch at a superior Chinese restaurant, where you can have menu-ordered delicous Chinese dishes. In the afternoon, we visit the Temple of Heaven, where the ancient emperors came every winter worshiped the heavens in hopes of good harvests. In the evening we will arrange a lively wonderful Chinese Kung Fu Show at Beijing Red Theater, then we drive back to hotel.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, menu-ordered Chinese lunch


Day 4 Beijing -> Xian

In the morning we are going to visit Summer Palace - the largest imperial garden with a beautiful landscape and magnificent buildings. The palace is divided into three areas: 1.the area for political activities centering about the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity; 2.the residential area of royal family with main structures the Hall of Jade Ripples and the Hall of Joyful Longevity; 3. the sightseeing area mainly consisting of Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill. Optional activity: boating on Kunming Lake.
After Summer Palace, we will visit Panda House inside Beijing Zoo, where we will see lovely pandas.

At noon, we will visit the old Hutong and the Shichahai Scenic Area(Hou Hai). In hutong, we will visit a local Beijing family and learn dumpling making and cooking skills, you may try to make a dumpling by yourself and taste it, see how fun and easy Chinese cooking is. we will also have lunch in this hutong family. After lunch we will get on a local rickshaw traveling along the old narrow lanes, and explore the traditional Chinese quadrangles to get a close touch with the original Beijing lifestyle and culture, pass through Yinding Bridge, Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street, etc. After hutong tour, we will visit a local market where local people buy fruit, vegetable and foods for daily life.

After the day trip, drive to Beijing West train station to catch the overnight Train Z43 (19:58-08:33) or other closer one (soft sleeper) to Xian, but there is no bathroom for shower on the train, and you just can do the simple cleaning things like washing your face and brushing your teeth.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, menu-ordered Chinese lunch

Accommodation: on the train


Day 5 arrive in Xian
You’d better to have a breakfast on the train dining car(self-paid) or prepare some food before boarding the train, because you will start your first day Xian trip upon your arrival. When you land in Xian by train, our local guide will meet you outside of the station and transfer you to the Xian Shangri-la Golden Flower Hotel, and you can save your luggage at the hotel reception.

Then start going to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. In the museum, there are three excavated pits exhibiting amazing warrior figures and Chinese ancient weapons.
At noon, we will have lunch at a superior Chinese restaurant with delicious food..
In the afternoon, we will visit the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, which was built in the Tang Dynasty(about 1,300 years ago) to store the Buddhist scriptures brought from ancient India. In the evening we will be entertained by the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Performance at Shanxi Theate after the Dumpling Dinner at Defachang Restaurant.

Meals:  Chinese lunch, Dumpling Dinner
Note: Since the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is closed in Jan, Feb, Mar and Dec, guests traveling in this period will have a free night by themselves instead of the show and dinner.

Accommodation: Ramada Bell Tower Hotel, Xian


Day 6 Xian - Shanghai
In the morning we will visit the Ancient City Wall. It was build in Tang Dynasty which survived through Chinese long history, it is the most complete existing urban fortification in China. You can walk or cycle on the ancient wall (bike rental fee is not included). Next we visit Shaanxi History Museum where you can learn more history about Xian through the cultural relics: bronze wares, jade, potteries, and murals from the Prehistory Period to the Qing Dynasty.
At noon, we will have lunch at a famous Chinese restaurant with delicious food.
Then we will view the Bell Tower: The emblem ofXi'an city.

Finally we drive to Xian train station in the city center for the overnight train toShanghai, and you will take the overnight train Z94 17:04-7:51 or others closer trains, and stay the overnight on the train.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Chinese lunch

Accommodation: on the train


Day 7 arrive in Shanghai
You will have a breakfast on the train dining car(self-paid) or prepare some food before boarding the train like on the last train. When you land inShanghai station, our local guide will meet you outside of the station and transfer you to the Grand Mercure Shanghai Zhongya, and you can save your luggage at the hotel reception.

Today, you will visit Shanghai Museum, which specializes in exhibiting art works from ancient times.After that, we will tour Yuyuan Garden, a famous garden in the south China. The symbol of Yuyuan Garden is the Nine Zigzag Bridge built of granite and grass-white jade and the quaint, elegant mid-lake pavilion. At noon we have lunch at a good restaurant with Shanghai cuisine. In the afternoon, we will walk in the famous Bund area where you can see the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower across the river, this is a good place to take pictures of Shanghai. After that we will walk to Nanjing Road, and then visit an old street inShanghai. 

Optional evening activity: Huangpu river cruise, or Acrobat Show in Central Theater or Huxi or Shanghai Circus.

Meals:  Menu-order lunch

Accommodation: The Bund Hotel, Shanghai


Day 8 Shanghai departure
Have a breakfast at the hotel, you need find your own way to the airport for your homeward flight.

We suggest you reserve a taxi at the hotel reception beforehand to save waiting time of taxi. Note that there are two airports inShanghai: Pudong Airport (PVG) and Hongqiao Airport (SHA). It takes about one hour or more to drive to Pudong airport(about CNY150 - 170 taxi fee). It takes about 40 minutes drive to Hongqiao airport(about CNY60 taxi fee). Alternatively, you may also wish to stay longer inShanghaior fly to otherChinacities.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast


Sep.2015 - Oct.2015:

Depart Date: Every Mon., Wed., Fri.

Price: $950 USD per person


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8 Days Group Tour (Beijing -Xian -Shanghai) by Train
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