Yangtze River cruises: between Chongqing and Shanghai

Only Victoria Cruise: Sophia run this itinerary, departs base on following schedule. choose a date, click on the cruiser and book it online.

From Chongqing to Shanghai (aboard cruiser in Chongqing city)
Victoria: Sophia departs Chongqing in the morning(10:00AM) of following dates, aboard time: from 8:00am~9:30am.
March  Victoria Sophia  N/A August  Victoria Sophia  N/A
April  Victoria Sophia  4.9, 4.23 September  Victoria Sophia  9.3 9.17
May  Victoria Sophia  5.14, 5.28 October  Victoria Sophia  10.1, 10.15
June  Victoria Sophia  N/A November  Victoria Sophia  N/A
July  Victoria Sophia  N/A December   Victoria Sophia  N/A


From Shanghai to Chongqing (aboard cruiser in Shanghai city)
Victoria: Sophia(Prince) departs (Shanghai Wusongkou Dock) in the noon (12:00am) of following days. aboard time: from 9:00pm~11:00pm.
March  Victoria Sophia  N/A August  Victoria Sophia N/A
April  Victoria Sophia   4.15 September  Victoria Sophia 9.9, 9.23
May  Victoria Sophia   5.6, 5.20 October  Victoria Sophia 10.7, 10.21
June  Victoria Sophia   N/A November  Victoria Sophia N/A
July  Victoria Sophia   N/A  December  Victoria Sophia  N/A
Chongking - Shanghai Cruise, Book Online with Discount Prices Chongking - Shanghai Cruise
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Victoria: Sophia Cruiser, between Shanghai and Chongking Victoria: Sophia Cruiser, between Shanghai and Chongking
Start from Chongqing to Shanghai - 7day 6nights, Start from Shanghai to Chongqing - 9days 8nights.
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Question: Inquiry about ,Yangtze No.1 Cruiser, Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour, Start from ,Qongching,Can we stay 2 adults and one chinld in the same cabin and book a next door cabin? more..
Answer asked by Patrick, 05/15/2016
Dear Patrick, Thanks so much for your two tour inquiries about MV President and Yangtze Gold cruiser, and I suggest you to book Gold cruiser for your family, because it is much cheaper for children, and please take a look the difference below.   Yangtze Gold, and suggested tips at 150CNY about 23USD per person, an more..
Question: Inquiry about ,century or yangzte gold, Start from ,chongqing to pinching,I want to book but other websites showing different cruiseships. What cruise ship leaves May 28 form chongqing to yichang more..
Answer asked by Angela, 05/04/2016
Dear Angela, Thanks for your email to us, and May 28 is Saturday, and there are below cruiser available.   Victoria: Sophia Yangtze Gold 6 Yangtze No.1 Century Legend Yangtze Gold 6: Chongqing to Yichang, Standard Cabin, Peak season(May,Sep,Oct) : $490 (3,150CNY)per person; Chongqing to Yichang, Standar more..
Question: Inquiry about ,President 6/7/8,Victoria Jennea cruise ,Victoria liana cruiser, Start from I live in Chongqing and will leave from Chongqing ,I am looking for cost,It will me myself and my 6 year old son who will sleep in my bed,I will travel May 6th to May 9th leaving Chongqing at 6pm, 2300RMB adult ,Your contact tel more..
View Answer asked by Bridgeé, 05/04/2016
Dear Bridgee, Thanks so much for you attention on chinatour.net.   On May 6, we have below cruiser available from Chongqing to Yichang. Victoria: Grace Yangtze Gold 5 President No.8 Century Sun CH.Victoria No.5 From your options, you may think about President No 8, but your kid cannot share the bed with y more..
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