Yangtze River cruises: between Chongqing and Shanghai

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Question: Inquiry about ,Yangtze . 1 twin & 1 twin + extra bed, Start from ,Chengquing - we will arrive in the afternoon,What will be the package price for 5 people on this tour from Chengquing to Yichang? more..
Answer asked by Chironmoy, 06/15/2018
Thank you for sending email to Chinatour.Net Can you tell us the nationality of five passengers? Looking forward to hearing from you. more..
Question: Inquiry about ,Yangtze Gold, Start from ,Yichang to Chongqing,Would like to know which has a better view from the cabin. PORT or STARBOARD? Please the reason I am asking is that we are seniors and will be spending a lot of time in our Cabin instead of on the deck and as such it is important that before we book we get more..
Answer asked by Hannif, 06/13/2018
Hello, Here is the cruise you prefered, please have a look. Yangtze Gold Cruiser, Yangtze River & Three Gorges Tour Yichang to Chongqing, Standard Cabin, Peak season(May,Sep,Oct) : $470 (2,967CNY) Per Person Cruise online: http://chinatour.net/yangtze-gold-cruiser-yangtze-river-t more..
Question: Hello, we booked the tour with the president 8 who arrives in Chongqing at about 8.30 A.M,What do you think? Is it possible to get the train to guilin at 10.32 A.M? Is the time very short or is it very easy to get the train? Thank you very much, more..
View Answer asked by Werner, 06/05/2018
Hello,   Please tell us your Cruise Reservation ID Number you booked with ChinaTour.NET     more..
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