Yangtze River cruises: between Chongqing and Shanghai

Only Victoria Cruise: Sophia run this itinerary, departs base on following schedule. choose a date, click on the cruiser and book it online.

From Chongqing to Shanghai (aboard cruiser in Chongqing city)
Victoria: Sophia departs Chongqing in the morning(10:00AM) of following dates, aboard time: from 8:00am~9:30am.
March  Victoria Sophia  N/A August  Victoria Sophia  N/A
April  Victoria Sophia  4.9, 4.23 September  Victoria Sophia  9.3 9.17
May  Victoria Sophia  5.14, 5.28 October  Victoria Sophia  10.1, 10.15
June  Victoria Sophia  N/A November  Victoria Sophia  N/A
July  Victoria Sophia  N/A December   Victoria Sophia  N/A


From Shanghai to Chongqing (aboard cruiser in Shanghai city)
Victoria: Sophia(Prince) departs (Shanghai Wusongkou Dock) in the noon (12:00am) of following days. aboard time: from 9:00pm~11:00pm.
March  Victoria Sophia  N/A August  Victoria Sophia N/A
April  Victoria Sophia   4.15 September  Victoria Sophia 9.9, 9.23
May  Victoria Sophia   5.6, 5.20 October  Victoria Sophia 10.7, 10.21
June  Victoria Sophia   N/A November  Victoria Sophia N/A
July  Victoria Sophia   N/A  December  Victoria Sophia  N/A
Chongking - Shanghai Cruise, Book Online with Discount Prices Chongking - Shanghai Cruise
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Question and Answers: Totally 1059 Q&A about Chongking - Shanghai Cruise Ask a Question
Question: Inquiry about ,I have a travel agency in belgium,I like to inform if it is possible for 8 people and 1 of those 8 people is in a wheelchair. Is this possible?? We like to do the cruise in september 2018 more..
Answer asked by arena, 11/13/2017
Hello,     We can arrange tours for your clients, and it's no problem for the one in wheelchair. So you may let us know the time schedule.     more..
Question: Inquiry about , Start from , Do you have any cruises to hongkong or Japan from shanghai more..
Answer asked by Andrew, 11/13/2017
Hello,     For Yangtze River Cruise Tour, we just have tour from Chongqing to Yichang, or Changing to Shanghai, no to Hong Kong or Japan.       more..
Question: Inquiry about Basic cabin yangtze cruise, cost for one person? Start from Yichang ,Do you have cruise leaving on 7 December more..
View Answer asked by con, 10/30/2017
Dear Con, , and we can arrange Yangtze God No 7 from Yichang to Chongqing on Dec 8th, and it takes 5 days 4 nights.   The tour fee is 2709CNY about 424USD per person, and you will take half cabin, and if you want to take the whole cabin, it is charged 4876CNY about 762USD.   more..
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