China Hotels Question and Answers

1. For a family of three persons can one book a double bedded room or a king bed in a 3 star or higher rated hotel? Is there will be any extra charge for the third person in a double bedded room?
Generally, if your child is under 12 years old, it is ok for you three persons to book one room
2. Could you provide price for 1 room with 2 beds and 1 room with 3 beds in Beijing willow hotel?
You can search it on our website and it will show you all the room type and the price

you can choose anyone you prefer
3. Could you provide a list of cheapest hotels and pice info for 1 room with 2 beds, 1 room with 3 beds? near the Empark Grand hotel, in Beijing
You can search on our website and it will show you all the hotels ,room types and price

you can choose anyone you prefer
4. which type of service you can provide
ChinaTour.Net is the leading provider of China hotels, flights, tours and cruises services, our company is based in Beijing, China, providing online Hotel/Flight/Tour/Cruise reservation services through its website.
5. I would like a hotel in Chengdu that is in easy acess of the Panda Sanctuary and easy reach of the airport, where do you suggest, cheapest price possible

We suggest you book Chengdu Crowne Plaza Hotel in easy acess of the Panda Sanctuary and Chengdu Homeland Hotel near the airport.


6. I would like to come to Xiamen for 3rd international Tea Fair 2012 and I need a hotel room below 50 US Doller per day,I need single room for about 7 - 10 days. I am a Vegetarian person and I need Rice & Vegitable curry.How about food prices. H.E.M.C.Bandara Sri Lanka

you can check and book online:

we will solve your requests.

waiting for your reservation.
7. Are most of the hotels come wiTh wireless or Lan internet service? How long it takes to get a cab from Wanxing Hotel to airport in the morning? how much is the fare charges?

Please check with the hotel about Internet details

8. Hi, I need to catch an early domestic flight by Southern Airline departing Nanning at 8am to Guiyang, what time must I leave the hotel if I stay at city center, any taxi service as early as 6:00am? any surcharges?

Please arrive in the airport at least 1.5 hour in advance, I don't think there will be any surcharges in the early morning


9. is tianjin ruiwan jinjiang hotel near the tianjin seaport
Yes, it is very close to Tianjin Xingang seaport.
10. what time is the check in and check out in China hotels?
normally the hotel check-in time is after 12:00AM. If you arrive in the hotel very early, you can ask the hotel if you can check-in or have to wait till noon? some hotel charge addtional fee for early check-in, some do not. Anyway you can always leave your luggage in the hotel reception, they will keep it for you freely.

Normally the hotel check-out time after 12:00 AM, some hotels offer late check-out, you can confirm it with your hotel.



11. How in advance should I book a hotel?
The best time to book a hotel is one or two months in advance.

Book too early is not necessary, some hotels only publish their room prices for the next one or two months, also the promotion prices published in these period of time.
12. Do I need to pay in advance for hotel bookings in China?
No, to book a hotel in China, you do Not need to pay in advance, you can pay when you arrive in the hotel.

For most hotels in China, you can just book rooms online with your names and check-in-out date, then you will receive a confirmation email, and then you can go to the hotel in your check-in date, the hotel reception will find the booking under your name in their system, and you just pay the room fees in the hotel reception.

For some cases, some hotels require credit card guarantee for late check-in (check-in after 18:00 PM) or peak seasons, they may ask guests provide a credit card guarantee to make sure they will check-in their hotel, normally the penalty fee is one night room fee. Although with a credit card guarantee, you also pay when you arrive in the hotel.

Pay on arrival is safe for your money:

in case you can not find the hotel location or you are not satisfied with the hotel, etc. You do Not need to pay for that (if you did not book with a credit card guarantee).

in case you want to change your travel date or cancel your trip, there is no cancellation fee (if you booked with a credit card guarantee, please call us or hotel to cancel the booking before the check-in date).
13. How to get to Hongkong International Airport from Guangzhou, what transportation must I take from Guanzhou to be on time at the airport?
you can take either bus or train to Hongkong.

1. Guangzhou has direct buses go directly to Hongkong airport, they depart from hotels in Guangzhou, the most popular departure station is in Guangzhou China hotel (, the earliest departure time is 05:30AM, later on they depart every one hour. for more precise information you can call the Guangzhou China hotel.

2. You can also go to the Guangzhou East Train Station to take train to Hongkong in the morning.
14. Is it difficult to find the hotel when I arrive in the China city?
Write down the hotel telephone number and adderss is very important before you go.

In China, most taxi drivers do Not speak English, so you may need to show them the hotel phone number, hotel name and address, If the driver does not know the place, you need call the hotel to get the directions.

We recommend you book at least 3 star hotels in China if you are the first time to China, so that the driver may know the hotel location and the hotel reception can speak English that you can understand, it will be easier for you to find the hotel.
15. Do I need to pay if I want to cancel a hotel booking?
No. Since booking a hotel in China do Not need payment in advance, you have nothing to pay when you cancel a hotel booking.

Please ote: if you booked a hotel with credit card guarantee, please cancel the hotel booking before your check-in date, or the hotel may charge your credit card for No-Show penalty of the first night room fee.
16. Till what time will the hotel keep my room booking? what if I am going to arrive at the hotel very late?
For hotel bookings without a credit card guarantee, most hotels keep the room till 18:00PM, if you are going to arrive at the hotel late, you can call the hotel to tell them you are going to be late, please keep the room with you.

For hotel bookings with credit card guarantee, the hotel will keep the room for you till midnight.
17. What should I do if I want to change my check-in date?
After you booked a hotel online, you can still change your check-in date or extend your stay in the hotel.

you can email us or call us to make the change, or you can change it online by yourself, modify the booking inside your account and resubmit a new booking with your new dates, we will send you a new confirmation later.


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