Chengdu to Guilin Flights

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Departure City: Chengdu (airport code: CTU)
Arrival City: Guilin (airport code: KWL)
Flight Distance Between Chengdu and Guilin: 975 KM
Flight Duration Time: about 01:35 hours

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Chengdu(CTU) To Guilin(KWL) Flights Schedule, Each Day 3 Flights
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Departure TimeArrival TimeFlight NumberAircraft TypeAirlineFlight DurationLowest ClassLowest PriceTaxbook
16:2017:55EU2201320Ying lian AirLines01:35Economy Class(Y)CNY 980($159)50+120($28)
20:0021:35CZ3242738Southern Airlines01:35Economy Class(Y)CNY 980($159)50+120($28)
21:0022:20CA4323321Air China Airlines01:2090per Economy(B)CNY 880($142)50+120($28)

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