Yellow River Scenic Area Yellow River Scenic Area

On the south bank of the Yellow River, some 16 miles northwest of Zhengzhou in Henan Province is the Yellow River Scenic Area. And if you're passing through Henan, especially if you're in the Zhengzhou area, the park is worth a short visit. The park is just under 10 square miles in size.


A number of cultural points are in the park. The western end of the park contains the historic battle site where Liu Bang (who later became Emperor Gauzu) defeated Xiang Yu to cement his rule in 202 B.C. as the first emperor of the Han Dynasty.
Yueshan Temple in the park is interesting. Among its offering, a large number of pagodas containing the remains a past monks at the temple. The park also contains its own Stele Forest where 570 steles inscribed by well known (to the Chinese at least) calligraphers.
Hovercrafts and speedboats are popular on the Yellow River at the park. The park is home to China's large fleet of tourist-use hovercrafts.

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