Folded Brocade Hill

Towering over Lijiang's west bank , Folded Brocade Hill lies in the northern part of Guilin city . The name is derived from its queer-looking rocks which are broken horizontally . Folded Brocade consists of Yueshan Hill , Look-on-All-Direction Hill , Crane Peak and Bright Moon Peak. The Wind Cave runs from north to south halfway up the hill , with a cool breeze blows inside it in all seasons . It features 90 Buddha images of the Tang and Song dynasties , as well as dozens of ancient stone carvings. After passing through the Wind Cave , you come to the Face-the -Cloud Pavilion , Over-the-River Pavilion , and finally the summit of Bright moon Peak , where Catch-the -Cloud Pavilion commands a splendid view of tourist attraction was already famous back in the Tang Dynasty, or some 1,000 years ago.