Hotel & Flight Reservation Regulations Hotel & Flight Reservation Regulations

Hotel reservation procedure:
1. Guests book hotel room on the website, if check-in time is later than 18:00PM, most hotels require credit card guarantee, if earlier than 18:00PM normally hotels do not require credit card guarantee exept for the high seasons.
2. Then we process the hotel booking, and send guests confirmation Email within 10 minutes to 12 hours; if hotel is full or price updated, we inform guest by Email that the hotel can not be booked or price adjusted.
3. Guest can print out the confirmation Email and the hotel address/telephone, when arrive in the hotel, guest can show the confirmation email to reception and inform them the guest name to check in hotel with the discount price. (all the guest's info is already in the hotel system, the hotel is waiting for the guest to check in. If you are going to arrive in the hotel late, please call the hotel to keep your room, and you are on the way to the hotel.)
4. Guest check out in the hotel, the guest will enjoy the discounted rate for the room charge, which is guaranteed by our agreements with hotels in China.

Hotel Payment Method: 
Pay at hotel side (when you arrive in the hotel check-in), no need pre-payment for hotel bookings; credit card guarantee is for room guarantee only, no online payment charged for hotel bookings.
Difference between "Book by Credit Card" and "Book Not by Credit Card": 
* Book by Credit Card can guarantee the guest's room if the guest will check in later than 18:00, this is very important in the hotel peak seasons. If the guest does not check in the hotel without prior notice, the hotel will charge the guest's credit card for one night's fee.
* If it is not in the hotel peak seasons, Book Not by Credit Card may also guarantee the guest's room till 18:00 clock of the arrival date.
In both way the hotel will reserve the rooms for guests, if credit card is required by the hotel, we will notify the guest to provide credit card info to secure their rooms.

How to Get the Air Ticket After Booking Flight Online?
Since year 2006, all China airlines and foreign airline companies used E-ticket system for all China domestic flights and international flights, they do Not issue Paper Tickets anymore.
So passengers do not use paper ticket to check in plane, all passengers only use their passports or identity card to check in the flight, all passengers' names and passport numbers are recorded in the airlines' check-in system.
When passengers book flights on our website and successfully pay the tickets, the passengers' information will be recorded in our system and integrate to the airlines system to reserve the seats, we will send a confirmation email(E-tickets) to the customer's email address, the passengers may also print out the confirmation email for the flight check-in.

Flight Booking procedure:
1. Guests book a flight on the website, remember to provide correct passport number and full name(seperate Last/First Name by "/"), and finish the payment online.
2. Then we process and confirm the flight booking, we will send guests confirmation Email(E-ticket info) within 30 minutes to 12 hours; in seldom case, if the flight is cancelled or discount seats sold out, we inform guest by Email that the flight can not be booked(in this case, we will fully refund the money if the flight booking can not be confirmed).
3. After the guest receive the confirmation email, the passenger may check in the flight. When the passengers arrive in the airport, they just need show their passport at the check-in counter (the name and passport number match the booking information in the system), the check-in staff find the booking record in their system and print out aboarding card for the passenger, then the passenger can aboard the plane.

Flight Payment Methods:
The air ticket prices online include: Airfare, Fuel Tax and Airport Tax, and 5% Transaction Fee for international credit card payments.
1. For VISA and Master Card:  
You may pay online directly, some credit cards require web payment function enable. Our payment gate way also support "Verified by VISA" and "MasterCard SecureCode", If you are a the card holder, you can contact your credit card bank to open "Verified by VISA" or "MasterCard SecureCode" function for enhanced security. You may also call your bank to enable this these functions, or go to your bank's website to enable this function for your card.

For more information about "Verified by VISA" and "MasterCard SecureCode", please visit VISA Organization Website or MasterCard Official website.  

2. For the PayPal payment:  
If you can not enable "Verified by VISA", then please choose pay throught You do Not need to have an account with PayPal before, just go pay with your credit card through PayPal the first time, once you finished a payment, you will be registered on automatically (your PayPal account will be created with your email address and a password, which you can login in the next time for the other payments.)

Note: For PayPal payment, we require the payer must be one of the passengers, or Verified PayPal Register; If the payer is not passenger, then the payer must be a "Verified Register of", please loggin to verify your credit card, then you will become a "Verified Register", after that you may book the flight for your friend again.
(If you are buying ticket for your friend, or travel agancy buying tickets for their customers, then please register as a "Verified user of PayPal" first.).
We will reject flight bookings which do Not meet above qualifications, and refund the money back.
Paypal Customer Service Contacts:
If you have problem to pay through, please call following telephones for help.
China:              + 86 - 21 - 2891 3600 ext.5012
USA, Canada: + 1- 888-221-1161(toll free), +1-4029-352 050
Singapore:       + 65 - 6510 4650
Australia:         + 61-800-073-263 (toll free),  (02) 8223-9500
Austria:            + 49 (0)- 180 500 6627
Belgium:           +32 - 070 359 905
France:             +33 - 0821 230 233
German:           + 49- 0180 500 66 27
Italy:                 +39 -848 390 110
Ireland:             +353 -1890 943 220
Japan:               +81 - (03)-5767-5552
Netherlands:     +31 - 0900 2658950
Poland:             +48 - 353 1 436 9034
Spain:               +34 - 902 885 248
Switzerland:      +49 (0) 180 500 66 27
UK:                  +44 - 08707 307 191
ROE:                00 353 1 436 9001

3. Bank Transfer, details.

Flight Cancellation Policy:
1. The cancellation fee is 5%~100% of total air fair(including credit card transcation fee 5%), the cancellation fees vary depending on the ticket discount percentage and the airline companys policy.
The lower discount, the higher of cancellation fee:
For some 50per discount tickets, these tickets can not be cancelled, nor changed. So if you cancel 50per discount air tickets, some of them we can Not refund, only the fuel tax can be refunded.
For low discount tickets (60per discount~80per discount tickets), normally the cancellation fee vary from 20% to 60% of total airfair;
For the First Class, Full Price tickets and more than 80per discount tickets, normally the cancellation fee vary from 5% to 20% of total airfair.
2. We will deduct the cancellation fee and refund the rest of the airfair to the customer credit card.
Flight Change Policy:
1. For 50per discount tickets: some tickets can Not be changed.
2. For 60per discount ~ full price air tickets: change fee: 10%~20% of total airfare. they can be changed only once to the same airline company flights (the same route and same passenger) and the same discount level, if there is no the same discount for your changed date/flight, then you also need to pay the extra fees for the difference. you may pay the change fee and extra fees for the flight change in the airport when you check-in.
3. If you want to change to other airline companys flight, you will have to cancel your original flight(cancellation fee occur, ticket will be partial refund) and you need make a new flight purchase.
What if i missed my flight:
If you arrive in the airport late for your flight check-in time (all passengers are required to aboard the plane 30 minutes before the plane take off, so the airport stops check-in 20 minutes before the take off time), if you missed your plane, you have three options:
1. If there is a later flight of the same airline company, you can change your ticket to this later flight, just pay any change fee, extra fee(if there is discount difference between the ticket you bought and the later flight) to the airline company at the airport, then aboard the later flight.
2. If there is no other flight of the same airline company, you can also change to other airline company's flight: But you will have to cancel your original flight ticket(cancellation fee occur, ticket will be partial refunded by us) and you need to buy a new flight ticket at the airport to aboard the later flight.
3. If you did not go to the airport at all, you can still get the refund according to the flight cancellation policy, even after the flight date, just contact us.

Guaranteed Low Prices
ChinaTour.Net has agreements with all the listed China hotels, to guarantee that all the guests who book hotels through ChinaTour.Net will enjoy the discounted rate it provides, and also guarantee the hotel rooms for the guests in their arrival date.
Please note that the hotel rates listed in the website already include the service fee and tax, not include the laundry, telephone, dinner and drinks in the hotel. (only a few hotels include laundry in their room rate)

ChinaTour.Net also integrate with China airline companies system, to provide the most updated air fare discount informations, which benefit our customers to book flights with the best prices the air companies can provide, the system also displays all competing air companies prices for the same itinerary.

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