Luhuitou (Turn Round Deer) Park Luhuitou (Turn Round Deer) Park

Luhuitou (Turn Round Deer) Park was built in 1984 and is located in the Luhuitou Peninsula at the southern tip of Sanya. It has an area of 110,000 square meters and is composed of five hills, while its south, east, and west sides are surrounded by the sea. The East Hawkskill Turtle Island and the West Hawkskill Turtle Island always catches the eyes of tourists, and the Yulin Bay is at the east end of the park.

The name of the park "Luhuitou" comes from an ancient fairy story of the Li nationality. The ancient fairy story says that a young hunter of Li nationality, with a hankerchief surrounded his head and bow and arrows in hands, was chasing a hillside deer from the five-finger Mountains to the seashore of the South China Sea. A vast sea under the cliffs lying in front, the deer had no way to go as the hunter drew his bow, about to shoot at the deer. Suddenly, flames flashed and fog rose up to the sky, and the hillside deer turned her head around and became a beautiful young Li girl.
Rays of Sun Astonished by this, the hunter put his arrow down and fell in love with her, and the two became an affectionate couple.
They lived on this land, hacking their ways through brambles and thorns, building their thatched cottage, farming and weaving, fishing and hunting, and planting coconut trees to make their living . Generation after generation, a mountain village of the Li nationality came into being. According to this folklore, people called the village Luhuitou (Turn-round Deer). The decison of sculpturing the statue of Luhuitou (Turn-round Deer) was made by the People's Goverment of the Hainan Li & Miao Autonomous Prefecture and Sanya People's Goverment in 1983.

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