High-speed Trains Available in Guilin

Good news for tourists who would like to travel to Guilin: High-speed trains between Guilin and Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Guiyang have come into operation since December 28th, 2014. It will bring much convenience for people come to Guilin.

High-speed Train

The high-speed trains from Beijing to Guilin depart from Beijing West Train Station at 7:27 and 9:07 and arrive at Guilin Train Station at 18:26 and 19:47. Ticket fare from CNY806.

The high-speed trains from Shanghai to Guilin depart from Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station at 10:06 and arrive at Guilin Train Station at 18:57. Ticket fare from CNY659.5.

There are 14 pairs of high-speed trains travelling between Guilin North Train Station and Guangzhou South Train every day. The departure time from Guangzhou is 7:35 to 20:00 and 8:00 to 20:36 from Guilin. Druation is about 2 hours 20 minutes to 3 hours. The high-speed trains between Guangzhou and Guilin is really a budget because it will save a lot of time and cost less money than the normal trains. The train numbers of high-speed trains start with a “G” or “D”.
Ticket fare overview
Business Class Seat CNY247.5
First Class Seat CNY165
Second Class Seat CNY137.5

Shenzhen to Guilin
Depart from Shenzhen North Train Station at 7:20, 11:48, 14:53; arrive at Guilin North Train Station at 10:51, 15:31, 18:23. Ticket fare from CNY212.

Changsha to Guilin
There are 11 pairs high-speed trains travelling between Changsha South Train Station to Guilin Train Station. The departure time is from 7:11 to 16:32 from Changsha and 9:57 to 18:27 from Guilin. It takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes for a single trip. Ticket fare from CNY181.5.

Information about high-speed trains in China
The train number of high-speed trains in China start with an “G”, “D” or “C”. These trains are available among most major cities in China and becoming more and more popular. As China is a country with a vast territory, high speed trains will make the train travel much easier, time-saving and more comfortable. There are usually 3 seat classes on the train, which are business class, first class and second class. High-speed trains are usually very punctual. It is advised to get the train station at least 40min ahead of time. Book a high-speed train ticket.

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An introduction of Guilin
Guilin is a popular tourist city among both domestic and overseas tourists. It is famous for its unique Karst landscape with charming hills, rivers, terraces and caves. Yangshuo is a county of Guilin. West Street is a place where eastern and western culture hit. Longji Terraced Field is also another attraction that tourists cannot miss. Whoever visit the place will be impressed by its amazing landscape. View Guilin Tours.

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