Reviews of Shanghai Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Pudong by Allen ***

Shanghai Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Pudong

How do you write a review about a hotel, when their first words upon your arrival are, "Your reservation has been cancelled?" To anyone that has travelled a distance, arrived at a hotel late at night only to find you have no place to sleep, then you can imagine this nightmare. Even though I had provided my credit card information to guarantee the room, informed them that I'd be arriving around 11pm, they insisted they had none of this information forwarded to them by ChinaTour and therefore had every right to cancel the room. As the hotel was full for a convention, there were no other rooms available. They at least did me the courtesy of finding me a room in a nearby hotel, but unfortunately it only had a suite available at 3X the price I had booked at the Marriott but again, I would have to leave that hotel to return to the Marriott on the third night, for which night they did have a room available. So I returned on the third night, no discount, no apology, no effort to even suggest that they were sorry for the hardship, the expense, and the obvious discomfort they had caused by cancelling my booking. Under these circumstances, even as a card carrying member of the Marriott Rewards club 935 644 153, how could I say anything good about this hotel. Never have I had such an experience in all my years at staying at a Marriott hotel.

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