The Yamdrok Yumtso, one of the three largest holy lakes of Tibet, lies about a hundred kilometers’ distance to the southwest of Lhasa, is in Langkamu county, with an area of 638 square kilometers and a coastal line of 250 kilometers. The deepest point is 60 metres. It is believed that Yamdrok Lake is the female Guardian of Buddhism in Tibet and that the lake will bless and protect them. A lot of colorful ducks and geese are swimming on the surface of the lake. There is also plenty of natural fodder for the fish in the lake. The lake has a fish reserve of about 300 million kilograms.That is why it is called “the Fish Store of Tibet”. Yandrok Lake is also Tibet’s most important natural habitat for many species of water bird and every winter flocks of birds fly here from the south. The coast of the lake is an ideal pasture. All these make an intoxicating quite picture.

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