Turpan Turpan


This magical and fertile, ancient and yet young Treasure Land is the world-famous western region city of Turpan.When we say Turpan is magical it is because it has the 'high' of snow-covered peaks of the Tianshan Mountains that are over 4,000 meters above sea level, and the 'low' of the Aydingkol Lake which is 154 meters below sea level, -- the second lowest point on earth; it also has the Flaming Mountain which is full of fairytale wonder, and the scenic Grape Valley which is permeated with the fragrance of fruit and melon; then there is the desolately barren Gobi Desert where no birds fly over but dotted with oases;under the surface there are the karez, a man-made wonder of irrigation system in which water flows all the year around. This place is a pleasant blend of 'land of fire', 'land of wind','land of sand', and 'land of oases'. It is a museum of natural georgaphy and landforms, created by nature, but perfected by man.When we say Turpan is rich, it is because it has grape,Hami melon, and long staple cotton which are well-known native products sold throughout the world, and are the three treasures of the land. The salt, coal, and mirabillite deposits are plentiful, and their future development prospects are awesome.The Treasure Land is true to name. The residents of Turpan have not only created a glorious history with their wisdom, talent, and diligence,but they are also building a thriving, affluent and beautiful Turpan today.


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