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ChinaTour.Net offers a wide variety of travel products, competitive pricing, and the convenience of booking all travel components in one place.

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Independent travelers love us because we offer all above services in one place, you can book whatever you need for your trip in China, all your bookings is in your account .

We provide in-China customer support for you. Our office in Beijing is available to resolve issues and emergencies should you arise during travel in China, as we are conveniently located in the same time zone, we can provide you quick resource accessibility and peace of mind.

How to Plan A Trip in China? (three examples)


If you start from Shanghai, travelling to Beijing, you may consider:
(Shanghai to Beijing Flight or Train) + Beijing Hotel + Beijing Tours: Visit Great Wall, etc.


If you are travelling to both Beijing and Xian, you may consider:
Beijing Hotel + Beijing Tours + (Beijing to Xian Flight or Train) + Xian Hotel + Xian Tours


If you start from Guangzhou, travelling to Guilin, you may consider:
(Guangzhou to Guilin Flight or Train) + Guilin, Yangshuo Hotels + Guilin Tours: cruise on Li river

You can book any of above product seperately, to design your own trip in China. Make use of our knowledgeable service team and enjoy personal communication with local experts who are aware of every aspect of your vacation in China, let us help streamline your booking process and travel itinerary creation.

Our website contains valuable resources like suggested tour itineraries, city guides and travel related tools. Take a few moments to build your dream vacation for China today, or call/enquiry us to work directly with our knowledgeable travel specialists, we're always delighted to offer suggestions on designing travel itineraries that will create unforgettable memories for you.

ChinaTour.Net Difference
ChinaTour.Net's travel products

We can book China airfare, rail tickets, sightseeing tours, transfer services and car rental(with driver) for all of your FIT customers. Additionally, we offer a tremendous variety of hotel accommodations for 80+ cities in China: whether you wish to stay in standard 3-star hotels or luxurious 5-star properties. We also have a wide variety of off-the-shelf transfer and sightseeing services, and also have the ability to special request custom product. Arranging all of your transportation and hotel needs is easy and quick. To find out more about the travel products that we offer, please visit above links on this page.

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