Our tour guide Serena

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  1. Serena

    I had 2 tourists yesterday. Marrias is an American Phillipine,her husand who is an American Thai. Marrias would like to jump when I took photos for her. Jess always say,’ I am handsome man’. What a cute and humorous couple they are! (jumping photos stores in Marrias’ camera)

  2. Alex Wong

    hi Serena,

    Are you a local chinese tour guide in China? would appreciated that.

    Thank you,

  3. Sandra Puga

    Hello Serena:

    I´m from Ecuador in South America. How I do for contact with a tour guide en spanish (Español.?)
    Maybe can you help me..?
    We are three persons and will be in China on September 2018.

    I hope your answer, and thank you very much.

  4. graceli

    Our tour operator will reply you soon. Please check your email later.

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