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Travelling on an exotic land can be meaningful and fun. China is a country with a vast territory and a rich history. As the capital of China, Beijing is a blend of tradition and modernity. There are many places of interest in Beijing. Besides several must-see attractions in Beijing, people may have his or her own preference. Travelling with your family and travelling with your friends can be very different. Now, we have tailor-made various Beijing city tours  to meet your special demands. There are panda zoo and amusement park for youngsters;there are local museums for people who want to learn about the city;there are Kungfu shows for people who like to watch performance etc. In a word, the choice is yours. We ChinaTour.Net will do our best to meet your requirements and ensure you a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Beijing.


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  1. mohamed almheiri

    7 Days Zhangjiajie Tour

    I would like to arrange a 7-day program
    Be flexible
    4 Stars hotels
    Room for 2 people, 2 beds
    Reception and farewell

    Day 1: Aug. 11, 2018
    Changsha Arrival
    Day 2: Aug. 12, 2018
    Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park
    “Tianmen Mountain -Gateway to Heaven –The Cliff-Hanging Walkway”
    In the evening: Tianmen Fox Fairy
    Accommodation: Zhangjiajie
    Day 3: Aug. 13, 2018
    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
    Yellowstone Village
    In the evening: Charming Western Hunan
    Accommodation: Wulingyuan
    Day 4: Aug. 14, 2018
    Yuanjiajie Scenic Area
    Bailong Elevator
    Tianzi Mountain
    Accommodation: Wulingyuan
    Day 5: Aug. 15, 2018
    baofeng lake zhangjiajie
    Yellow Dragon Cave
    Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge
    Accommodation: Wulingyuan
    Day 6: Aug. 16, 2018
    Go to Fenghuang town
    Accommodation: Fenghuang
    Day 7: Aug. 17, 2018
    Back to Zhangjiajie
    Accommodation: Zhangjiajie
    Day 8: Aug. 18, 2018

    Thank you!

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