As we all know that Beijing is a large city, it doesn’t mean that you cannot travel by bike in Beijing . Bicycling is a safe, healthy, economical and environmentally friendly means of travel and transportation. It is very popular in China. It is more than a means of transportation but a way of life.
Beijing Hutong in Shichahai Scenic Area, Qianmen&Dashilan Area,Olympic Sites are the best places for your bike tour.

Shichahai Scenic Area
Highlights: Prince Gong’s Mansion,Former Residence of Song Qingling, Memerial Hall of Guo Moruo, Bell&Drum Tower, Arrow Tower of Deshengmen, Guanghua Temple, Hutong, Siheyuan, Yinding Bridge, Yandai Byway, Original Site of Furen University, Former Residence of Mei Lanfang, Lotus Zone, Mansion of Prince Chun, Mansion of Prince Qing.
There are many bicycle rental places in Shichahai Area. A lot of people, both Chinese and foreigners like to wander around the site, going through the hutongs. The place is a classic Beijing scenic area used to be the old residence of Beijinger. Nowadays, many bars opened along the riverside. The night life here is fantastic. You can experience the modern spirit  as well as the old Beijing here.

Olympic Site
Highlights: National Stadium(Bird’s Nest), National Aquatics Center(Water Cube), Olympic Forest Park, Olympic Exquisite Pagoda
2008 Olympic Games was held in Beijing. Bird’s Nest is the main stadium of the Games. Most water sports were held in the Water Cube, known as the National Aquatics Center. Olympic Forest Park is located to the north of the ‘Bird’s Nest’ and ‘Water Cube.’ Shrouded in trees, reeds and grass and spotted with ponds, the 11.5-square-kilometer Olympic National Forest Park has become a popular destination for tourists to inhale some fresh air in Beijing.

Tian’anmen Area
Highlights: Tian’anmen Square, Chang’an Avenue, National Theater, Forbidden City, Beihai Park, the moat
Tian’anmen area is the center of Beijing. Tian’anmen Square is used to be the biggest city square in the world. However,it is a pity that it is not allowed to ride bicycles on the square. You can only ride along the road circling the square.

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