As the capital of China and an international metropolis, there are people travel in and out of city everyday, there are people travelling around the city everyday. No doubt that Beijing is the transportation hub of China. It is quite convenient to get to Beijing and leave Beijing for other cities. There are international & domestic airlines, high-speed trains, long distance buses etc. Besides, public transportation is well developed in Beijing.

Getting Beijing and Away

Take a Flight

 beijing flight There are two airports in Beijing. They are Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), known as “China Gateway”, is one of the most important, largest, and busiest international aviation hub around the world with the most advanced facilities.

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Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport is the biggest airport in Asia. It is the transportation hub of China.
Airport Code: PEK
Airport Enquiry: (86)10 64541100
Flight Enquiry: (86)10 962580
Address: Beijing Capital International Airport, Airport Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Beijing Capital Airport T3



Beijing Nanyuan Airport
Nanyuan Airport is located in Fengtai District. It is only used by China United Airlines.
Airport Code: NAY
Service hotline: (86)10 67978899
Address: Jingbei East Road, South 4th Ring Nanyuan, Fengtai District, Beijing
Beijing Nanyuan Airport_s


Take a Train

Beijing is the railway hub of China. People can go almost everywhere in China by train from Beijing. There are four train stations in Beijing. They are Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station. If you would like to take a train in Beijing, make sure you arrive at the right station. Book a Train Ticket >>Read More railway


Take a long-distance bus to other cities

Besides aeroplanes and trains, some people may perfer to travel by long-distance bus from Beijing to other cities. Long-distance bus stations in Beijing are Dongzhimen Station, Xianglong Zhaogongkou Station, Liuliqiao Station, Bawangfen Station, Muxiyuna Station etc. longdistancebus

Travelling around Beijing

Beijing is a busy city. A lot of people travelling in this city everyday from both home and abroad. Although traffic jams frequently emerge here, travelling in the city is of much convenience. There are subways, taxis, buses etc. available everyday.


Beijing Public Bus
Beijing public bus system is well developed and very convenient to use. You can go almost everywhere in Beijing by bus. Every day, a lot of buses are travelling in this city. You just need to find the right bus to take.  >>Read More


Beijing Subway
Beijing is the first city in China to have a subway. Although often crowded, the subway is often the fastest way to get around the center city area. The subway lines has covered most Beijing attractions. It is very convenient to take subways to travel around Beijing.  >>Read More


Beijing Taxi
Taking a taxi is more flexible and comfortable than any other public vehicles. The charge fee range from CNY10 for the first 3km; CNY 2 charged for additional 1km after 3km; CNY 3 charged for additional 1km after 15km.  >>Read More


Beijing Car Rental
Travelling by car in Beijing is very convenient. We ChinaTour.Net offer a car rental service in order to make your trip in Beijing more pleasant.  >>More Details


Beijing Bike
Bicycling is a very healthy, environmental friendly way to travel around Beijing. Since Beijing is a very big city, it will be exhausted if you travel all over Beijing. However, there are scenic areas that is suitable for a cyclist, such as Shichahai Scenic Area, Olympic Park etc.  >>Read more


Beijing Rickshaw
Rickshaw is part of Beijing life in old days.Nowadays, it has become a can’t-miss experience for tourists in Beijing. Going through the hutongs on a rickshaw is quite a unique experience. >>Read more


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