For Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 2 Pickup service, please follow this guide to find our driver and car in No.2 Parking Tower – F1 – Lane 06/07. you can also call us at +86-18510259312 for help. Following is after you pass the custom check, pass duty-free shops and claim luggages.

  1. After you come out from international arrival exit, turn right walk about 100 meter.

2. when you see No.9 Gate on the left hand side, goto the No.9 Gate.

3. go out of No. 9 Gate.

4. walk across the road to No. 2 Parking Tower No.4 Gate.

5. After entering the gate, turn left and walk about 50 meter.

6. Walk 50 meter you will see a gate on the right hand side, inside is the parking zone.

7. Wait in the 1F, 06/07 lane, call us at +86-18510259312.

If you can not find your driver here, please call us at +86-18510259312.