The vehicles offered in the tours are all regular cars, clean, comfortable and air-conditioned. We have experienced and licensed drivers to ensure your safety.


For Private Tours:

The vehicles for private tours are arranged according to how many persons you have.
Vehicles and Passenger Numbers
1-2 Passengers: we offer cars VW Passat or Toyota Camry (4 seats)
3-5 Passengers: we offer vans Buick GL8 (7 seats)
5-10 Passengers: we offer vans Mercedes MB100 (12 or 15 seats)
10-18 Passengers: we offer Toyota Coaster (22 seats)
20-50 Passengers: we offer King Long coach (39 or 53 seats)

The following are the vehicles we usually offer. You may also contact our tour operator to specify your vehicle of other brands, such as Audi A6 or BMW 5 series.

VW Passat


Toyota Camry


Buick GL8


Mercedes MB100





King Long Bus


For Coach Tours

For coach tours, we usually offer Toyota Coaster. There are 22 seats(1 driver’s seat and 21 passengers’ seats) on the vehicle.

coastercoaster inside

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  1. Naveen

    Hi There,
    I am coming to Beijing I have a layover for 12 hours and would like to know a bus tour to Great wall, etc pick up from airport and drop off to airport , Please email your suggestions I am travelling alone

  2. graceli

    Our tour operator will reply soon. Please check your email later.

  3. Lisa

    I need 1 coaster bus for 15 Person. we will arrived in beijing and want to rent a coaster bus from 21 June – 23 June 2018. Please let me know. Thanks

  4. Geraldo Alves Colaço

    Estarei no hotel Botai Hotel em pequim no dia 06/05/19.
    Hora de chegada o hotel 08:00….Visitar a muralha e a tumba. ( com todos os itens informados incluso, ingressos + almoço +etc…
    Pegar os dois no hotel e devolver no hotel
    Prefiro no For Coach Tours – Micro onibus

    São dois turistas: Geraldo Alves Colaço e Eleide Correia de Melo Colaço
    Nacionalidade: Brasileira
    Aguardo retorno

  5. Linda Tan

    Hi there, we have 15 of us (adult), we interested for 2 Days Beijing Private No-Shopping Tour. Question seeing that we have 15 pax then you will arrange coaster tour for us right ?
    We will be there on 25/10 & 26/10

  6. graceli

    Our tour operator will reply you soon. Please check you email later.

  7. Chiara ciccarelli

    Sorry We are two people want book 2 days tour in Beijing but one of us is claustrofobic so if the vehicle is van or mini bus is possible seat in the first chairs?
    We are in hotel new world Beijing so we don’t know how if there are another people with us that you pick before us.
    Hope is possible and make our tour great.

  8. graceli

    You can talk to the tour guide. Maybe the tour guide can arrange the seat for you.

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