Besides the natural beauty and historical sites, Beijing still has a lot to explore.  You can find many things to entertain yourself. There are bars for you to drink, chit-chat and enjoy yourself at night. You can watch Chinese tranditional performance, such as Kung Fu show, acrobatic show, shadow play etc. Spending a whole day in an amusment park with your friends or family also sounds like a good idea.


bar There are several hundred bars in Beijing. Bars are not only a place to relax and for fun, but also a way of life. Many youngsters like to hang out in bars. Houhai bars are the most famous. Many foreigners like to go to Sanlitun Bar Street.
Houhai Bar Street Sanlitun Bar Street Chaoyang Park Area Workers’ Stadium Area

Show and Performance

Looking for something to do in the evening? Or maybe you are interested in Peking Opera or Chinese acrobatics show? Beijing nightlife is very colorful. Beijing nightlife has more to offer! If you travel with your kids, then enjoying Kung Fu show in the evening is a must.
acobatic kung fu peking opera shadow play tea
    Acrobatic Show     Kung Fu Show      Peking Opera        Shadow Play      Tea Ceremony

Amusement Park

Amusement park may be a good place for you and your friends or family to relax.
 happy valley  shijingshan
               Happy Valley     Shijingshan Amusement Park


tennis bowling shooting skating
           Tennis            Bowling            Shooting             Skating
golf skiing horse-riding diving
              Golf             Skiing         Horse-riding               Diving
 climbing  bungee
           Climbing       Bungee Jumping

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