Qinglong Gorge
Add: North of Yanqi Lake, Huairou County
Bus: Accessible by NO.936 bus
Payment: 150 yuan each person
Descripition: Introduced technology from New Zealand. The jumping platform is 58 meters high. Beside the Bungee jumping tower are rock climbing and rapid touchdown items which are very challenging.

Shi Du
Bus: Fangshan exit from Jingshi Expressway , or take you 10 bus
Payment: 180 yuan
Descripition: Some equipment and technologies are introduced from New Zealand.Two New Zealand coaches give instruction. The jumping platform is 48 meter high and 24 meters long. The platform extends to the river heart from the cliff. Participants will be presented with a T-shirt and certificate for the braves. Professionals will make DV for you to record the exciting moment and remain beautiful memory. After jumping down. You can return by ropeway at the opposite bank.

Yangqi Lake
Bus:take NO.936 bus at Dongzhimen and go through
Payment: 150 yuan
Descripition: The current only one of rocket-type bungee jumping in China, or the nose rag of Reverse Bungee Jumping. Sitting in the seat chamber at the bottom of tower, you can be bounced up to the 50m-high sky within 2 seconds, revolving among the green lake and blue sky. You will have a spontaneous pride of being brave.

Bungee Jumping Tower at Olympic Center
Bungee type: Bungee Tower
Add:1 Olympic Center, Asian Games Village, Beijing
Tel: 010 – 64912143
Price: RMB138
Brief introduction:
This is China’s first bungee jumping tower, the only bungee jumping in the city proper of Beijing. The bungee jumping tower is located between the two buildings – Yingdong Swimming Pool and Sports Comprehensive Hall. The Bungee Jumping Tower adopts the world famous Las Vegas bungee jumping tower structure from USA, which is 24m in height.
How to ge there:
Take bus 108 and 387

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