Golden Mask Dynasty is a large-scale Chinese musical drama showed at OCT Theater in Beijing Happy Valley. It is a fairy tale about wars, royalty and romance. A queen, who wears a golden mask, creates a splendid dynasty. In the years of wars, Golden Mask Dynasty defeat Blue Mask Dynasty. However, the queen declares a total amnesty. The king of Blue Mask Dynasty is moved by her mercy and trust. Soon, they fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, there comes catastrophic natural disaster. The queen scarifies herself to save the people.

Beijing golden Dynasty stage hardware, audio, lighting, the whole drama forms in China is come first on the list. The people’s Liberation Army Assembly Design Institute Hou vice president Hou Junxiang design stage is 16 meters long, 7 meters high, capable of 360 degree turn, people still can be in it from all angles keep dancing.

Overseas Chinese town theater, a total area of 22000 square meters, the appearance of fashion atmosphere, theater interior, its nearly 60 meters long, a total area of more than 2000 square meters of the arc-shaped stage known as the Beijing ” first large proscenium”.

The theater is currently the only the introduction of the latest international N+N multi-channel three-dimensional fantasy control technology theater, use this set of audio equipment can make the audience from all angles to listen to the music of a variety of timbres, still can make music and a variety of audio track actor movement direction, so that the audience really enjoy the latest audio-visual effect.

Ticket fare
Golden Dynasty A seat 480RMB
Golden Dynasty B seat 380RMB
Golden Dynasty C seat 280RMB
Golden Dynasty D seat 280RMB

Show time 17:30-18:30  19:30-20:30
Note: The show has been suspended right now. It will be on after Feb.19th, 2015.

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