Sanlitun has been one of the most popular entertainment areas for foreigners in Beijing. In the daytime, this place is a stylish and modern shopping center.In the night, it turns to a stirring bar area. It is a good place for people to relax. If you like to hang out in the bars, you cannot miss this place.

It is called No.52 is because of its location on is s No 52 along this street. Moreover, there are 52 kinds of cocktails from around the world. The whole year is divided into 52 weeks, so customers can taste a different cocktail every week for a whole year.

Downtown Cafe-Bar
The entrance is decorated in both red & yellow, not fancy just mellow. Tables & chairs are all in blue. Golden stage, pretty singer …… You might want to stay a long time.

Day Off Bar
It’s actually a disco bar, you can even hear and see a bunch of people singing & dancing from the street. The bar is designed & decorated somehow like Western custom in the US. U-shaped bar table and brown chair make the bar easy but feels good. It attracts many foreign visitors and young people e

Top Club Beijing
Top Club is established by 3 top persons in bar field. DJ EL-Mar Bengel from Germany, Bill Isler from US, and Mr Gao lei from China. They are committed to making the “Top Club” as the most active electronica bar in Beijing. “Top Club” invites world famous DJ to come to the bar on every Fri & Sat.

Swing Bar
“SWING” was established in 1994, one of the earliest bars established in Sanlitun area. The name “SWING” originates from a popular song in the western countries in 1930s. Mainly customers here are local young people & foreigners. More than 90 decibels every night, make it just like a Rock bar.

Boys-Girls Bar
The most popular disco bar along Sanlitun street. It attracts tons of young people every night. The door is designed in European look combined by colorful neon lights. Two famous bands perform here every night, their music makes people happy, crazy and never bored.

The largest, most modern bar along Sanlitun street. Famous for its SALSA dancing. It’s a place to relax, and meet new people.

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