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Choose E-ticket or Paper Ticket Delivery? We support both.
A E-ticket, collect paper ticket in train station? or B Deliver paper ticket to your hotel in China?
  • You can change or cancel the E-ticket easily before collecting the paper ticket before departure date.
  • No need China address to receive paper ticket, E-ticket Number sent by email.
  • No worry about ticket lose in hotel reception or during delivery.
  • Need time to collect paper ticket in any train station before you can board the train.
  • you can Not change nor cancel ticket unless you bring the paper ticket to train station to change or cancel by yourself.
  • Worry about if your hotel reception can keep your ticket safely or not.
  • Worry about your travel plan change or hotel change.
  • No need time to collect paper ticket in train station, just go aboard the train.
  • Check your bookings status on App
  • Show E-ticket on App, easily collect paper ticket.
  • Book China flight, train, hotel, tours, cruise, car.
Things You Need to Know Before Booking a China Train Ticket
  • 1 Make sure you input exactly the Same Name and Passport Number in the booking form, if one letter is different than what on your passport, you can Not collect your paper ticket and you will Not be able to aboard the train.
  • 2 If you choose collect ticket by yourself, you need carry your passport and the E-Ticket Number to collect the Paper Ticket (like a boarding card in airport) in the train station ticket collection window or any train ticket office in China before you can aboard the train.
  • 3 Train ticket can be issued(confirmed) within 30 days before the departure date, you can make a booking earlier to guarantee the ticket availability.
  • 4 Make sure you reach the train station at least one hour before the departure time, because the train ticket is Not refundable Nor changable if you missed your train (after the departure time).
China Train Ticket Change and Cancellation Policy:
  • 1 For E-Ticket: you can change the date or time 2 days before the departure date (you can change only once). After we confirmed your train booking, cancellation will not be free, you can request cancellation in following conditions.
  • If 24 hours before the departure date and you have Not collect the paper ticket, you can request change or cancel the train ticket , the cancellation fee is 10%~30% of total fare cost.
  • After the departure time, the train ticket can Not be refunded. (within two hours after the departure time, you can only ask for refund in the train station ticket office by yourself)
  • If you have already collected the paper ticket, the train ticket can Not be refunded nor changed by us. (in this case, you need carry the paper ticket and your passport to ask for refund or change in train station window before departure time.)
  • 2 For Paper Ticket Delivery: you can Not change nor cancel ticket unless you bring the paper ticket and passport to train station ask for change or cancel by yourself.
  • Payment: We Accept International Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union.

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China train review

Review written by Dirk Soetens, rate: 5 of 5 Stars!
The only things you need are your passport and the E-numbers. We took trains from Beijing to X'ian and to Shanghai. After a short phonecall to the call center to check our E numbers, we went to the ticket office in the train station and even without speaking a word chinese everything was ok. We recommend ChinaTour.Net to other travellers and we will use it for our future china visits.

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