The official pre-sale period of China train tickets is 15 days (including the booking day), the official passport verification time is 3-5 business days.  So for passengers who had not passed the passport verification, we suggest you book China train tickets more than 25 days in advance, this will allow enough time for passport verification in railway system which is required before issuing E-Ticket, we will help our customers pass passport verification as soon as possible, and we will issue E-ticket for our customers immediately after the “ticket open for sale hour”.

The following are a few booking tips for your reference.

1. Try to avoid travelling during Chinese Holidays. On holidays, a lot of Chinese people would like to travel around. The train tickets will be short of supply on the holidays. Sometimes, the tickets of some hot destinations will be sold out the minute when the tickets are available especially during Spring Festival Holiday and National Day Holiday. If you have to travel during the holiday, just make an order 21 days in advance.

Chinese holidays:

Spring Festival: Feb (days vary every year, please find out by yourself)
May Labour Day: May 1st-7th
Dragon Boat Festival: June 20th-June 22nd;
Mid-autumn Day: September 26th-27th;
National Day Holiday: October 1st-7th.

2. Sleepers for overnight trains are very popular, the tickets sold out soon.

3. Train tickets from Beijing to Lhasa are difficoult to catch during the summer.

We offer a reliable online train booking service. We have China Train Schedules in English, it will be very easy for you to find your train. We book the tickets for you, only a service fee charged.

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