High speed trains in China usually refers to the trains which have a running speed of over 200-300 km/h. The train number starts with “G”,”D” or “C”.

High speed trains travel much faster than the normal trains. The highest speed of the trains has reached 390 km/h. As China is a country with a vast territory, high speed trains will make the train travel much easier and more comfortable.

High-speed Train
High-speed Train

For trains start with “D”, there are two kinds of seats, ie. the first class and the second class. For first class, there are four seats in a row. For second class, there are five seats in a row.

For trains start with “G”, there are usually three kinds of seats, ie. the business class or deluxe class, first class and second class.

The trains start with “C” are inter-city express trains, such as Beijing-Tianjin trains, Guangzhou-Shenzhen trains  etc.

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The seat classes of high-speed trains

1.Business class seat

The business seats are only available on G trains and some D trains. They are the best seats on the train. Passengers could take a nap on the seat. The seats are usually behind the operation cab. Passengers may get a better view of the scenery on the way.

business seat


business class seat

2. Deluxe class seat

Deluxe seats,sometimes called VIP seat or super seat, are only available on a few high-speed trains. The seats of the deluxe seats are pretty much like the first class seats, but have better views.

3. First class seat

First class seats are usually four seats in a row. The seats are bigger and more comfortable than the second class seats. There is a small table at the back of each seat, just like which in a plane. The fare of the ticket is higher than the second class.

first calss seat

4. Second class seat

Usually there are five seats in a row and these seats are very comfortable. There is a small table at the back of each seat, just like which in a plane. Second class seat is the lowest class in the high-speed trains  but with a preferable ticket fare. Most people would like to choose second class seats.

second class seat

second class seat

The advantages of high-speed trains

High speed trains are running a speed of over 200 km/h; G trains may reach 300 km/h.They are available between most major cities. As a big country like China, high-speed trains has shortened the distance of cities in China. These trains are usually very punctual and less influenced by the weather. The seats of the high-speed trains are comfortable.

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