China has one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world, and trains link almost every town and city. Chinese trains are a safe, comfortable, and cheap way to travel around China, and a Chinese train journey is an experience in itself.

How do you plan your first train trip successfully? This page will help you understand and plan your train trip in China, and how to board your train.

How to Choose Between Train Types and Seat Classes in China?

Trains are classified by their speed and service in China, represented by a train code. A train code is comprised of a letter (G, D, C, Z, T, or K) or no letter (number only), which indicates a train’s type.

G, D, and C trains are known as high-speed trains while other traincodes are classed as normal trains. There are business class seats, first class seats, hard seats, and soft and hard sleepers on different trains.

A business class seat is the most expensive but the most comfortable, while soft sleepers will save your time and a night’s hotel bill. Speeds, prices, services, and equipment vary betweendifferent types of trains.

Which Train Station Is Better?

You may find there are two or three stations in one city. A lot of foreigners get confused with the stations. Many people go to the wrong station then, unfortunately, miss their trains. Make sure you go to the right station.

For example, in Beijing there are stations called Beijing South, Beijing West, and Beijing. Main bullet trainswill depart from Beijing South Railway Station; some will depart from Beijing West RailwayStation, while most of the ordinary overnight sleeper trains will depart from Beijing RailwayStation. If you want to take the high-speed trains, you need to go to Beijing South RailwayStation.

How to buy a Train Ticket

Before taking a train, it is necessary to know how to buy a train ticket in China. Passengers could buy a ticket at the train stations or ticket offices. However, the easiest way is of course online.  Online booking is time-saving and very convenient.  >>Read more

China train tickets and seat classes

There are different seat classes of trains in China. Usually, business class seat, deluxe class seat, first class seat and second class seat are available. Deluxe soft sleeper, soft sleeper, hard sleeper, soft seat and hard seat are available in normal fast trains. >>Read more

How to Read a Train Ticket

How to Buy Train Tickets for Children

There are favorable terms of child tickets. Children under the height of 1.2 m accompanied by an adult are free for train travel, although they do not have a seat or berth.  Children with a height between 1.2m to 1.5m are required to buy a child ticket. Children who have a height of over 1.5m should buy a full price ticket.  >>Read more

How to Collect Train Tickets

If the passengers buy a train ticket online, there will be an confirmation number. Passengers have to take the confirmation number and their ID or passport  to the train stations to print out the paper tickets. >>Read more

Change and Cancellation

The train tickets can only be changed or cancelled before the train departs. This is different from flight change or cancellation.  >>Read more

Luggage Allowance

It is allowed to take 20kg luggage for free for each adult passenger. There is a luggage allowance about what to take and what to not to take etc. >>Read more

Train Travel between Major Cities

Beijing-Xian   Beijing-Shanghai    Beijing-Dalian    Xian-Luoyang

Shanghai-Hangzhou    Shanghai-Yiwu    Guangzhou-Shenzhen      >>More

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