In most railway stations, you will find a lot of people in the waiting room,sometimes even crowded and noisy. Don’t be shocked. It is very common in China especially on holidays.

There will be a dining cart with food, snacks, box lunch/supper travelling across the carriage. Passengers could have meals at their own carriage. Besides, there is a dining carriage  in the middle carriage of the train.

food cart

There are food selling on the train, however, most of them are more expensive than in the stores in city. So, it is best to buy some food for the train travel in advance. Chinese people often like to bring instant noodles, fruit and snacks on the train.

Hot drinking water is available on the train. You have to prepare your own cup. Or you can bring your own water.

Watch for your luggage and handbag and keep them in your sight when you are waiting for the train. Put the suitcase on the shelf when you board the train and take the valuable belongings with you. Pickpockets sometimes happen, but it is OK if you just be careful a little bit.

If you are in a hard sleeper or soft sleeper, after you board on the train, the working staff will check your ticket and change it with a sleeper card. You will have your ticket back before the train arriving at your destination.

The Spring Festival Holiday and National Day Holiday are the most busiest days for train travel. There will be so many people travelling by train. The train tickets are so hot that they will be sold out soon. Try to avoid train travel on the Chinese holidays.

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  1. H.Donald

    We need to travel by High Speed Train from Beijing to Shanghai. ( Stay in Shanghai for 3 Nights) Then Travel from Shanghai to
    Guangzhou. Can a single ticket be purchased, Beijing to Guangzhou with stop over at Shanghai for 3 Days. OR would we need to
    purchase two separate tickets…. Beijing to Shanghai and Shanghai to Guangzhou.

    Secondly, If tickets are purchased ONLINE are the tickets sent directly On line ( which we can print out) Or would we have to pay and then collect at Beijing Rail Station.

    Can Tickets be purchase from ‘Travel Agencies Portal, like YATRA OR OTHER AGENCIES’.

    Thank You.

  2. graceli

    Yes, you need to purchase two separate tickets. Click here to book train tickets.
    There are 2 options to get the paper tickets. One is that you book the tickets from our website and then we deliver the paper tickets to your hotel; the other is you book the tickets on our website and we give you a confirmation number, then you can print out the tickets on your own at the train station.

  3. Farid

    I Plan to buy 4 soft sleeper for my family. Can i select seat so i can stay together with family on the train ?

  4. graceli

    Seat selection is not available. If there are unoccupied cabin left, maybe you can stay together. It is not guaranteed.

  5. clemente villarroel

    Have a few questions because i´m foeringer. I´ll be at the inner mongolian grand hotel at Beijing and need to travel to Tianjin in high speed train by october 28, where is the station at beijing? in this page this location it´s not explained. And it´s a round trip in the same day, do i have to buy two tickets to go and came back or is there round trips tickets available?…
    By tuesday october 29 i need a nigth time high speed train to go from Beijing to Shanghái, where is the station to take that train? and after that, by wensday i need another nigth time high speed train from Shanghai to Canton, can i have all the ticktes at once in the same first station?…kind regards in advance.

  6. graceli

    Usually trains from Beijing to Tianjin depart from Beijing South Railway Station. The station name in Chinese is 北京南站,just show this to the taxi driver.
    You can have all the tickets at once in the first station.

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