China Train Tickets Change

According to the change policy of China Railway, the departure date, train number, seat or sleeper type can be changed for free before the train departs. The departure station and arrival station cannot be changed.

The ticket can be changed only once. If passengers still want to change the ticket after changing once, passengers have to cancel the former ticket and buy a new one.

Tickets can only be changed successfully in the case that there are unoccupied tickets available.

If the ticket is booked online and is not printed, it can be changed online 30 minutes before the train departure. If you have booked the ticket from us, you need to inform us 24 hours in advance because we will need some time to process it and the official website is not available during the night.  Once the tickets have been printed out, they can only be changed at the train station.

If the ticket is printed, it can only be changed at the ticket window of the train station with the passport of the ticket holder and E-ticket number.
The ticket can be changed to other trains 48 hours before the train departure. Within 48 hours, the ticket can only be changed to the train departing before 24:00 on the same day.

If you miss the train,  we cannot change or cancel the ticket for you. You can only try to change to a later one on the same day at the train station if there are tickets available.

China Train Tickets Cancellation

Train tickets can only be cancelled before the train departs. This is different from flight cancellation.

Cancellation at the train station

Passengers may cancel the train ticket at any time at the train station before the train departs. Cancellation fee is charged. If the ticket is bought in cash,  you will get your refund in cash. If the ticket is bought with a credit card, the money will be returned to your card. Once the tickets have been printed out, they can only be cancelled at the train station. If the passenger haven’t cancel the ticket, he/she will not have the refund even if he did not take the train.

Cancellation online

If the tickets are booked online, tickets can be cancelled at least 24 hours before the train departs. Cancellation fee will be charged. Once the tickets have been printed out, they can only be cancelled at the train station by yourself.

The refund policy of the train tickets
More than 15 days before departure Refund 100% of the ticket, service fee No refund
48 hours to 15 days before departure Refund 80% of the ticket, service fee No refund
Within 48 hours before departure Refund 70% of the ticket, service fee No refund
After train departed No refund

The official website of China Railway is only available between 6:00 and 23:00 (Beijing time). Since it will take some time for us to process the cancellation, we will need you to inform us 24 hours in advance. Service fee will be charged. The cancellation fee is 10%~30% of total fare cost.

Note: The train tickets to Tibet cannot be cancelled online. They can only be cancelled at the train station by yourself.

Make sure you’ve got a Tibet permit, otherwise you cannot get on the train to Tibet.

During the Spring Festival Rush, which is from Jan 13th to Feb 21st of 2017, the cancellation fee of all the tickets is 20 percent of the ticket price according to policy of China Railway.

If you have printed out the ticket, then you can only cancel the ticket by yourself before the train depart at the train station with your E-ticket number and passport.

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  1. Mukesh Mali

    There is a spelling mistake in my name when my ticket was booked online. How do I correct it? There is no other change in the train ticket journey details. My journey is on 03rd April,2015. Please guide as soon as possible.

  2. Mukesh Mali

    The name is Mukesh Phoolchand mali but it is printed as Mulesh.

  3. Guerra María Julia

    En la compra de mis tickets de tren hay un error en el número de pasaporte.
    Cómo puedo cambiarlo?


  4. graceli

    You have to cancel the ticket and book a new one. The passport number cannot be changed.

  5. Ben

    How do I change my reservation without buying a new ticket? The train I booked is full so I’ll have to change trains.

  6. graceli

    You can email us or call us.
    Customer Service Tel: +86-10-56629550 (9:00AM ~ 24:00PM, China time)

  7. james jiler

    i purchased a ticket with the wrong passport number in it. can i make changes to the ticket and correct the passport number?? thanks

  8. vitawas Hutamecalin

    I booking the second class seat,How can I change to first or business class?

  9. admin

    you need cancel the previous booking and make a new booking.

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