There are food and drink supplied on the train. For each train, there is a dining car in the middle of the train offering meals. There are some dishes for pasengers to choose but not as many as in the restaurant.

There is also a dining cart travelling across the carriage selling boxed meals and other kinds of snacks and drinks, such as instant noodle, cooked eggs, sausages, juice, bottled water etc. The food selling on the train may be more expensive than usual.

Hot drinking water is available for free on the train. Passengers may use their own cups to get the water. The water dispensers are at the end of each carriage.

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  1. chan

    For Luggage if it exceed 20kg what are the additional charges.
    As we are flying by air we might have more than 20kg for luggage.
    Our bag size is 90cmH x 45cm x 70cm. Standard luggage.

  2. graceli

    The additional charges may be different according to different airline companies. Please call the airline company for sure.

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