China Train Luggage Allowance

It is allowed to take a certain amount of luggage for free for each passenger.

For adults: 20 kg
For children: 10 kg
For diplomats: 35 kg

Train Station Scanner
Train Station Scanner


The sum of the height, width and length of the luggage is required to be less than 160 cm. The length of rod-shaped objects is required to be less than 200 cm.

Wheelchair of disabled passenger is allowed to take on the train and it is not count in the baggage weight limit.

It is prohibited to bring anything dangerous  on the train. There are limitations about articles for daily use.

Prohibited items

Items that are prohibited by laws and regulations.
Dangerous items, ammunition, unidentified chemicals.
Animals and items that do harm to public hygiene, including smelling items.
Items which will damage or contaminate the train.
Items that exceed the limitations.

Limited Items

The following item can be brought on board, but the amount of the items are limited.
Less than 5 gas lighters.
Less than 20 boxes of matches.
Items like enamel and hair dye, less than 20 ml.
Items like alcohol less than 100 ml.
Items like styling mouse, insecticide and air-refresher, less than 600 ml.
Less than 20 newborn poultices.

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    The allowed luggage is 20 k, which happens if you carry an additional suitcase of 20 K
    Is allowed, what is the charge?Is paid directly at the station]?

    Silvia Salas

  2. graceli

    Usually, the luggage allowance is not very strict. You can pay the extra money if the staff of the train station ask for a extra charge. Otherwise, it will be OK.

  3. Francisco Santillán

    What happens if the dimensions of luggage exceed the 160cm allowed? Is it possible to get on the train by paying for excess dimensions or weight?
    Thank you!

  4. graceli

    Usually, the regulation is not very strict. I suppose you can get on the train with the luggage. If not, ask for a luggage transfer service with extra charge.

  5. Gijs

    We want to transport bicycles on the train. The box will be bigger than the max sum of dimensions 160cm.
    Is there a possibility to take them?

    Thanks !

  6. graceli

    I think it will be OK.

  7. Rossana Anton

    Wich is the price for additional kg (luggage)? Thanks!!

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