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China Major Train Stations and Schedules

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Following China cities, click to see the trains from and to that city.
Train Schedules for China Major Cities
Beijing TrainsShanghai TrainsXian Trains
Guilin TrainsGuangzhou TrainsShenzhen Trains
Baotou TrainsBeihai TrainsChangchun Trains
Changsha TrainsChangzhou TrainsChaozhou Trains
Chengdu TrainsChengde TrainsChifeng Trains
Chongqing TrainsDalian TrainsDali Trains
Datong TrainsDongguan TrainsDunhuang Trains
Fuzhou TrainsGanzhou TrainsGolmud Trains
Guiyang TrainsHaikou TrainsHailar Trains
Hangzhou TrainsHarbin TrainsHefei Trains
Heihe TrainsHengyang TrainsHohhot Trains
Huangshan TrainsJiayuguan TrainsJieyang Trains
Jilin TrainsJinan TrainsJingdezhen Trains
Jiujiang TrainsJiuquan TrainsKaifeng Trains
Kashi TrainsKunming TrainsLanzhou Trains
Lhasa TrainsLianyungang TrainsLijiang Trains
Linyi TrainsLiuzhou TrainsLuoyang Trains
Manzhouli TrainsMianyang TrainsMudanjiang Trains
Nanchang TrainsNanchong TrainsNanjing Trains
Nanning TrainsNantong TrainsNingbo Trains
Pingyao TrainsQingdao TrainsQinhuangdao Trains
Qiqihar TrainsQuanzhou TrainsSanya Trains
Shantou TrainsShenyang TrainsShijiazhuang Trains
Suzhou TrainsTaian TrainsTaiyuan Trains
Tianjin TrainsTongliao TrainsTurpan Trains
Ulanhot TrainsUrumqi TrainsWeifang Trains
Weihai TrainsWenzhou TrainsWuhan Trains
Wuchang TrainsHankou TrainsWuxi Trains
Wuyishan TrainsXiamen TrainsXiangyang Trains
Xiangtan TrainsXichang TrainsXilinhot Trains
Xining TrainsXuzhou TrainsYanan Trains
Yancheng TrainsYangzhou TrainsYantai Trains
Yibin TrainsYichang TrainsYinchuan Trains
Yiwu TrainsYulin TrainsYuncheng Trains
Zhangjiajie TrainsZhanjiang TrainsZhengzhou Trains
Zhuhai TrainsZunyi Trains
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