Beijing Spring Tour

After the long cold winter of Beijing, spring indicates the beginning of a new year. In the late March, as it gets warmer and warmer, people tend to go out instead of staying indoors.  With its unique cultural and natural landscape, Beijing is an amazing destination to go at this season of the year.  Besides all the famous scenic spots, there are also many things to do in the spring of Beijing such as flower watching, kite flying, Great Wall hiking, boat cruising etc. This time of Beijing is a good season to watch flowers.  You will find various kinds of flowers blooming in spring. If you happen to be in Beijing in spring, you cannot miss the beauty of Beijing spring. Enjoy your Beijing Spring Tour.

cherry blossom-Beijing Spring Tour peachblossom

Travel Tips in Spring

Spring in Beijing is warmer than winter but still cold. It is necessary to wear warm clothes and check the weather report.
Bring some daily medicine for common diseases, such as cold and diarrhoea.
Some flowers, such as cherry, peach etc, blossom in spring, so if you are allergic to these flowers,you’d better pay more attention and bring some anti-allergic drugs if necessary. However, flower watching is not covered in the typical Beijing tours. If you would like to customize the tour itinerary, click here to contact us.

Recommended Beijing Spring Tours

The following tours are all private tours; only you and your family or friends will join the group. The tours includes the most famous attractions in Beijing such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace etc. You can go sightseeing at both cultural attractions and natural attractions. For each day of the tour, we will pick you up at your hotel in Beijing downtown or Beijing Capital International Airport according to the itinerary.

Tour package with hotel:

3 Day (2 Night) Beijing Tour + Hotel Package (Private Tour) from $211 Book
4 Day (3 Night) Beijing Tour + Hotel Package (Private Tour) from $282 Book
5 Day (4 night) Beijing Tour + Hotel Package (Private Tour) from $304 Book
6 Day (5 night) Beijing Tour + Hotel Package (Private Tour) from $416 Book

Tour package without hotel:

1 Day Tour : Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City from $45 Book
2 Days Beijing Tour Package (without hotel) from $90 Book
3 Day Beijing Private Tour (without hotel) from $187 Book
4 Day (3 night ) Beijing Private Tour Package (without hotel) from $194 Book
5 Day (4 night) Beijing Private Tour Package (without hotel) from $224 Book

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