Xidi is a small village located at southeast of Yi County. It is about 40km away from Huangshan Scenic Area. Together with Hongcun, these two villages have became the World Heritage Sites in 2000.
The village was built by successful officials or merchants. The history of the village dates back to over 900 years ago. Most of the villagers have the surname of Hu. It is said that a Hu family adopted a son of the Tang Emperor Zhaozong after the Emperor was forced from his throne in 904. The boy was name Hu Changyi.

Similar to Hongcun. The dwellings is the typical architectural style of Ancient Huizhou.The houses are all built with black tiles and white walls. The local dwellings are well-preserved for hundreds of years. There is always a story behind each house.

Opening hours:7:30-18:00
Ticket fare: CNY104
There are tour guides explain the attractions for free.

How to get there
Depart from Huangshan City
Take a bus from Huangshan Bus Station to Yi County, and then transfer from Yi County to Xidi.
Depart from Hongcun
Tourist buses are available from Hongcun to Xidi. Take a bus from the parking lot in front of Hongcun Village.

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