Man Mo Temple is a temple for the worship of the literature god Man Tai and the martial god Mo Tai. There are several Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s magnificent Man Mo Temple is among the oldest and most well-known temples in the territory. It was built in 1848, during the early years of British rule in Hong Kong. Though it’s been rebuilt a number of times, much of the original structure still remains. It is a part of a complex that comprises three adjacent blocks namely Man Mo Temple, Lit Shing Temple and Kung so. The Man Mo Temple, the main building of the complex, is dedicated to the civil god Man Tai and the martial god Mo Tai.
The images of the two gods are enshrined inside the temple, which is located in Hollywood Road. When you visit this temple, you will find Man dressed in a green robe, holding a writing brush i his hand. and the other dressed in red, totes a long sword. Other Chinese gods still can be found throughout the temple.
Devotees burn huge bell-shaped coils of incense that hang from the temple’s ceiling in hopes of attracting the attention of the gods. Some also believe the incense is food for the “spirits” that have gone before.
There are fortune telling stalls near the temple. Both locals and visitors stop by to check out their chances for good luck in the future.

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