12 Scenic Spots In Binhai Road

No.1  Beida Bridge


Beida Bridge is located between Tiger Beach scenery and  Bird’s Nest Ridge. The bridge is near the sea and stenches across the mountain. It is the most beautiful  scenery during this road. The bridge total length is 230 m, diameter is 132 m, width 12 m. This bridge car driving area width is 8 m, main rope height is 13.2 m.

No.2 Bird’s Nest Ridge


Bird’s Nest Ridge is a theme park for wedding. It is located in the middle northern part of Binghai Road. Total area is 0.8 sq.km. The mountain direction is from east to the west, forming a 1km ridge. Because there are usually black swallows flying here, so we call it Bird’s Nest Ridge. This ridge is horizontal to the sea and faces the sea. There are ten meters of cliff straight into the sea. After rebuilding, it becomes the wedding theme park.

Coastal landform here is excellent. Scenery is also peculiar with quiet valleys. The ridge is covered by flowers and green grasses. As there are lots of ledges, it is also a good place for fishing.

No.3 Xiuyue Peak


Xiuyue Peak is located in the middle northern part of Binghai Road. It is close to Bird’s Nest Ridge. The north is residential area. It is 6km from the city center. The total area is 5.19 sq.km. There are 9 peaks that composite the hills mountain. The main peak is Xiuyue peak, height above sea level is 214.3m. If you climb up to the Xiuyue peak, you can overlook the sea and also get a general view of the whole city.

No.4 Fujia Village


Passes through Xiuyue Peak scenery, you arrived Fujia Village. It is one of the top ten sceneries in Dalian. This area has unique natural scenery. East and west are high slope platform, the middle is wide beach. The east and west island look at each other across the sea. All these form this area with sea, mountain, reef and beach. There are lots of fine natural bathing beaches. The western part is Fujia Village park, there is 550m bathing beach which is one of the top four beaches in Dalian.

No.5 Bangchui Island 


From Shanping street to Yingbin Road, arrives eastern part of Binghai Road. It is another scenery of Binghai Road, called Bangchui Island. The northen part stars from Bangchui Island to Tiger beach. This is the longest part of Binghai Road. On the way, you can see Bangchui island scenery, Shicao scenery and Tiger Beach.

Bangchui Island guest house is the only state guest house in Dalian. The government leaders who come to Dalian for visiting will stay in here. This guest house is 87hectares.

No.6 Eighteen Turns


Eighteen Turns is located in the mountain. This is the most steep part of Binhai Road, called Eighteen Turns. It is located between Bangchui Island and Sier Channel. At the top of Eighteen Turns, there is a 60m length, 4m width strange slope. This slope south is high and north is low. When you drive here, it is very weird that you do not need to drive the car, then the car itself will drive to the top of the slop. If you ride a bike, you do not need to ride and can go to the top by itself. On the contrary, if you go down the slope, you need to ride very hard.

No.7 Mountain Baiyun


Mountain Baiyun is the biggest scenery area of Binhai Road scenery in Dalian. The total area is about  750 million square meters.  The biggest northern forest zoo included in this scenic spot. This scenic spot is only 2 kilometers away from downtown. its north part, of this area is the geological relic, which is discovered by our domestic geologist, Lisiguang.

No.8 Shaicao Village

Shicao Village is a representative small village, which is located in the east of Binhai Road.  Here is a quite beautiful place to visit. Here you can relax your self completely, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

No.9 Haizhiyun Square

 Haizhiyun means sea melody in English. The square is located at the eastern entrance of Binhai (Seaside) Rd. It faces the vast sea to the north, and is backed by a barrier-like mountain to the south; to its east is Laojiangou Bathing Beach, and to the southwest is the newly-built Huale Street. Built in June 1996, it has won the grand award for sightseeing planning in the National Art Design Competition.
There is a main sculpture and 26 super-realistic sculptures that are divided into 9 groups on the square. The fact that such amounts of super-realistic sculptures are set on one square is rare not only in China but also throughout the world.

No.10 Tiger Beach Ocean Park


Tiger Beach Ocean Park, the first batch of AAAAA scenic spot in the  national famous scenic spot-The middle part of Binhai Road.




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