Wang Family’s Compound (in Chinese is Wang Jia Taiyuan) is situated in Jingsheng Town, Lingshi County, Shanxi Province. 150 km away from Taiyuan, 12 km east of static or famous historical and cultural towns. The world’s cultural heritage from the ancient city of Pingyao 35 km, 4 km scenic area Mianshan Jiexiu, Shanxi Province in recent years is the “city, mountains, a hospital” for the advantage, launched a boutique tourist routes. Tongpu Railway, 108 National Longitudinal County, Dayun exit of the expressway from the Lingshi Wang Jia Taiyuan two kilometers, the transportation is very convenient.

More castle than cosy home, this grand Qing-dynasty former residence has been very well maintained (note the wooden galleries fronting many of the courtyard buildings). Due to the sheer size, the seemingly endless procession of courtyards (123 in all) become a little repetitive, but it’s still beautiful and the complex is interspersed with gardens.