the theme entertainment
Daily, after dinner, there are performances in the night club, featuring folk songs and dancing where we use Chinese traditional drama as the basis of the theme parties aboard. Passengers can admire the gorgeous clothing and the daftly performed mock battles of Peking Opera.

We go to great lengths to employ famous actors to play the various roles. Additionally, Chinese traditional dances, for example, the Eastern Striptease and Dunhuang Dance, performed by our staff, are very popular with the passengers.

The theme parties are designed to pleasantly surprise passengers while at the same time introducing local folk culture.
Upon arrival or departure guests will be treated to Chinese dragon and lion dancing performed by the ship’s crew. The sound of the beating drum and the energetic dancing of the dragons and lions will strongly move passengers. And these unique traditional Chinese symbols will create a lasting impressing.

The traditional dragon dance originated in ancient China, and was already a popular activity by the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Today it is still an indispensable and popular part of most Chinese festivals, especially at Chinese New Year. The dragon dance is believed to be able to dispel evil and bring good luck

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