Beauty Salon:
For cut, wash, set and blow dry. Massage is also available by appointment.

220 volts; wattage may not be compatible with your hair dryer. Please do NOT use personal equipment in your cabins. Video cameras, digital cameras and other electrical appliances can be recharged at the front desk.

Fitness Room:
A variety of exercise equipment is available.

Health Clinic:
Each Victoria vessel has a doctor and health clinic on board. Customary charges are in effect for medical care. We recommend that you bring enough of any prescribed medications for your entire trip throughout China. Do not pack your prescriptions in your checked baggage.

We offer same-day laundry service, but not dry cleaning. Press-only service is also available.

Reading Room:
Books and journals are available to read in quiet surroundings.

Phone Calls and Faxes:
The latest satellite communications systems are on board each vessel. Each of our ships possesses international phoning capabilities, fax options, and internet service. All of these services are fee-based and you can sign these charges to your account and settle them at the end of the voyage. You may make arrangements at our reception desk or in the business center to send or receive international and local phone calls and faxes.

Smoking Policy:
No smoking is permitted inside the ship. Smoking is only permitted on the outside observation deck.

Drinkable water is offered through the room thermos and bottled water. Please do not drink the tap water. Water and ice served in the Yangtze Club and dining room are safe.

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