China Flights Question and Answers

1. i want to buy a ticket through the website using a friends credit card and hes not joining me. can i do that without any problems at the airport ?
yes,no problem .only need to fill all the information correctly
2. any charge for international credit card payment
5% of your ticket fee
3. I booked a flight on China Tour using Juneyao airlines, where can I see the cancellation and refund policy in my ticket confirmation (under process) or before I pay for the ticket or after I pay? thank you
For the flight cancellation, you can get refund according to the airline company policy

hope this can help
4. How can i confirm my e-ticket, which i buy from Travel agent?
You can double check the ticket number with the airline, with the ticket number, the airline can load your information.
5. what does economy class (E), economy class (M) means? the alphabet behind each economy class with difference in prices
The letter E, M means the price level of the class, the airlines offer discounts and promotions for the air tickets, so sometimes we can see different prices for Economy class, the seats for Economy class are all the same, the only differences are the prices(discount level) and change/cancellation policy.
Sometimes you can see some China airlines offer discounts from 10% to 70% off, the seat of the discount economy air tickets are the same as the full price economy air tickets, you can enjoy the much lower prices, while the cancellation policy for discount air tickets are often worse than full price tickets, the lower price of the air ticket, the much more cancellation fee will occur if you want to cancel your booking after you purchase the air ticket.
6. how much are excess baggage charges for domestic china flights ??
Economy Class passengers have 20 KG free baggage allowance, baby smaller than 2 years old has No baggage allowance.
The excess baggage charges calculation:
For per extra KG of baggage, the airlines charge 1.5% of your flight's economy(Y) class full price.
In the airport, the airline staff will calculate how much extra cost you will need to pay and you can pay directly to the airline in the airport.
7. how can i see the status of my ticket booking?
On the top of our website, please find the sign "My Booking" on the right hand side, then log in to see all your reservations and status.
8. flight number MU2674 on 23rd january 2015 at 9 am from yichang to gonzhou .HOW LONG IT WOULD TAKE TO REACH THE DESTINATION ?

flight number MU2674 depart at 09:20 AM from yichang, arrive in Guangzhou at 11:10 AM, so about two hours on the plane.

you can book the flight at

9. How to reserve a oriental vegetarian meal on a China airlines flight?
It depend on which airline in China, you need call the airline to ask for this service for your flight if they can offer.
10. Can I purchase travel insurance after I booked and paid for a flight within China?
Yes, you can buy insurance from your insurance company.
11. I what to change my flight date is it possible?
yes, you can change it

and you need to tell me your reservation ID number so that i can help you to change
12. are there any Flights from Shanghai to Jintan City ?
There is no flight from Shanghai to Jintan

you can take train
13. how many kilogram for hand carry?
20kg for free,

if you package is over 20kg,the airline company will charge 1.5% of your ticket fee per kg
14. I have booked domestic flight from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou a few months ago and am confirmed about it. Somehow I have lost the confirmation email (E-tickets) and all the information about the booking. How can I obtain the full information about the flight?
You can email us your email address, name or passport so that we can find your flight reservation on our system .

then we can email  you the flight confirmation letter.

15. what is the price for 40kg luggage from Guangzhou to Fuzhou? what is the price for 1kg excess luggage from Guangzhou to fuzhou?
According to the regulation of China domestic airlines, the cost of excess weight of luggage is calculated as following:

extra cost = 1.5% * excess weight in KG * Economy Class(Y) full price

excess weight = actual weight - 20 KG free luggage allowance

so in your case, your extra cost should be:

(40KG-20KG) * 1.5% * Guangzhou to Fuzhou Economy Class(Y) full price

In the airport, the airline staff will weight for you and calculate the cost, you can pay directly in the airport.
16. what are the names of the airports to travel from Beijing to Xian?.and from Xian to Shanghai?
Beijing:Capital airport

Xian:Xianyang airport

Shanghai:Pudong airport or Honqiao airport
17. Tried getting a flight from Xian to Dali on 28th March , 29th, 30th and 1st April ; but there are none . Why is that ? how often are there flights to Dali ?
There is no flight from Xian to Dali

you can take train instead
18. what are the airline policy when taking dog in the flight and what documents should i need and how much should i pay
First, you need to provide 2 cards, one is the Immunization card of your dog, the other is Immunization card o the cage

if the documents are no problem, Three hours in advance to the airport for pet shipment procedures

19. How to check my reservation?
On our website, look at the top of the page, you can see "My Booking" link on the right top,click it and fill your account and password

you can see the status of your reservation
20. Do you accept foreign credit cards?
Yes, we accept international credit cards, we also support PayPal and Moneybookers, we also accept bank transfer and western union payments offline.
21. How to check whether my e-ticket is true or faulse
You can double check the ticket number with the airline company, with the ticket number, the airline can load your information.
22. The price shown on the flight search includes taxes?
The price shown on the flight search is only ticket fee

the tax will be shown after you fill all the information and click "continue" butten
23. How to book Round Trip flight and Multi-Trip flight on the website?
on flight booking page:

step 1: choose 'Round Trip' or 'Multi Trip', and select go and back dates, select cities, click 'Search flight'.
step 2: webpage will display the first trip flights options, you should choose one flight and click 'Book' link to see next page.
step 3: webpage will display the second trip flights options, you should choose one flight and click 'Book' link.
step 4: now you will see the summary of the two way flights and total prices for one person, fill the booking form and continue for payment online.

summary: you need choose the first trip first, then you will see and choose the second trip, finally you will see the total round trip or multiple trip.

For China domestic flights, the price of round trip flights equals the total of two single trips flights, so the result price will be the same if you book the two ways flights seperately or book them within one booking.
24. How do I get the air tickets after booking flight online?
We will send confirmation email (E-ticket) to you after you booked the flight online.
Now all China airlines use E-ticket system for all China domestic flights and international flights, they do Not issue Paper Tickets anymore.
So passengers do not use paper tickets to check in plane, all passengers only need use their passports or Identity card to check in the flight at the airport, all passengers' names and passport numbers are recorded in the airlines' check-in system.
When passengers book flights on our website and paid for the tickets successfully, the passengers' information will be recorded in our system and integrate to the airlines system to reserve the seats, we will send a confirmation email (E-tickets) to the customer's email address, the passengers may also print out the confirmation email for the flight check-in.
25. What does '80per Economy', '70per Economy', etc mean? what is the difference between these?
'80per Economy' means 80% disoucnt Economy class (means 20% off the full price)

'70per Economy' means 70% disoucnt Economy class (means 30% off the full price)


These discounted tickets are offered by the airlines who want to promote their ticket sales, these discounted tickets have the same seats like the full price Economic class seat, so customers usually buy the lowest price ticket to enjoy the airlines promotions.

No matter what discount level the discounted Economy ticket is, it enjoys the same seat as the full price Economy seat , the only difference between these discounted ticket is: they have different cancellation policy and change policy base on their discount level, normally the lower price ticket has the higher cancellation fee and change fee.
26. How do you book a first class flight

follow the link below, search flights on your date, then you click 'book' link beside the flight, you will see Class options: First Class, Business Class, Economy Class, Discount Economy Class, you can choose any class to book online and pay online.
27. I have a problem when trying to pay online, what should I do?
Currently we have 5 payment method options for flight bookings, the first three options support international credit cards which are most used:

1. pay thru PayPal, you do Not need to have a PayPal account when you choose this option, we use PayPal as a payment gateway to receive international credit cards, you just need to input credit card numbers and information to finish the payment.
2. pay thru Moneybookers, this is another payment gateway we used for our customers, it also receive international credit cards. If you have problem to go thru PayPal, you can choose this payment option to try again.
3. pay thru, this is the third payment gateway which only accept VISA card(international), it also support Verified by VISA, some customers who could not pay thru paypal used this payment gateway successfully.

1. PayPal is popular and the biggest credit card processor in the world, their system has strict security rules so some customers sometimes have problems to pay when they are travelling in other countries.
2. Moneybookers and are good alternative options.
3. if you have problems with one payment gateway, please:
* try to use another credit card in the same payment gateway.
* if it still not work, please go backspace to the previous 'payment method' page to select other payment options(1~5), and try again.

If you have tried all these three payment gateways, and still can not pay successfully, you can try the 4th and 5th payment option:
4. IPS supports China local banks online payments (the webpage will be in Chinese), some expat who work in China can do it online.
5. do bank transfer or western union - first choose the No.5 option to continue booking the ticket, submit the booking, then you will receive an email with a booking ID number and our bank information, after you do bank transfer or western union you can inform us about it and your booking ID. Then we will send you confirmation email.
28. What if I need to change my flight date and time?
You can just call us or email us (just reply the Confirmation email we sent to you) to inform us how you want to change, then we will reply you if the flight can be changed freely or need change fee.
29. how many kilos are allowed in the baggage?
the free check-in baggage allowance for economy class ticket is 20 kilograms, first class ticket is 40 kg, business class ticket 30 kg.
30. How long take flight Beijing to Shanghai? Thanks. to Shanghai?

It will take about 2 hours to Shanghai by flight, please check and follow the link below, please book it online and pay online if you need


31. What are the weight, liquid, and size of luggage regulations for flights within China?
For most airlines within China, 

For the free check-in baggage allowance for economy class ticket is 20 kilograms, first class ticket is 40 kg, business class ticket 30 kg. 
Size limit for luggage: Each piece of luggage's length, width and height shall not exceed 100 cm * 60 cm * 40 cm.

For the carry-on baggage: Each economy class and business class passengers can carry 1 pieces of baggage, weight can not more than 5 KG; Each first class passengers can carry 2 pieces, each weight can not more than 5 KG; Each piece of luggage shall not exceed the dimensions of 55 CM, 40 CM, 20 CM. 

Liquid regulations:
Liquid is Not allowed for carry-on baggage, all liquid should be packed inside your check-in baggage.
All liquids like water, cosmetics liquids, milk, etc. should be packed inside your check-in baggage, you can not carry it with you. if you carry liquid with your carry-on baggage, it will not pass the security check.
32. if my passport expired and I will have a new passport with different passport number . how can I do? if the ticket already bought 6 months ago.
Make a call to us or send email, let us know the new passport number so that we can change it for you in time.
33. Hong Long time is the flight to URUMQI from Shanghai? and how many flights per day from HongQiao airport?
you can find the flight schedule at:

you will see 11 flights everyday from Shanghai to Urumqi, you can book any flight online directly.
you will see the duration of the flight is about 5 hours and 30 minutes.
34. What if I need to cancel my flight booking? can I get a refund?
You can cancel your flight at any time, and we will refund according to the flight cancellation policy.

Different Airlines have different cancellation policy, normally the cancellation fee vary depending on the discount level, the lower discount price the higher cancellation fee.

Please allow up to 15 business days for the airlines cancelling the tickets, we will send you the cancellation email when we finished the cancellation process.
35. Is Daxinhua AirLines the same as Grand China Airlines?
Yes,  they are the same airline. Daxinhua translates to English is Grand China.

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