China Tours Question and Answers

1. I'm in guangzhou right now. But soon i realised people in here didn't speak english. Could i book your service online? Btw , i think the government banned google in here China, so i can't open my gmail to check emails.. How do i contact you ?
Yes, you can book tours online at any time.

yes, Google and Gmail are banned in China mainland, so we suggest you use other email address when you travel in China.
2. I am a travel agency based in Cebu Philippines. I want to avail contracted rate tours direct in your company. Please email me on how to avail contracted rate as one of your agency dealer in Cebu Philippines.
Please send your request to our business department, fill this form:

thanks for your interest in cooperation with China biggest travel agency in Beijing.
3. Is the road from Yaan to Rilong via Leshan Couty now open after the earthquake in April?
I searched the map, and Leshan is at the north of Yaan, and Rilong county is at the south of Yaan, so you don't need go to Rilong via Leshan. Or maybe you got wrong name of Rilong?
4. I have a family of 5 from Pakistan ..... If I decide to take a tour of 8 days .... does it include the visa process ?
Dear Sir, we can arrange the visa for the group with 6 people above, and if your group has 5 people, we can offer the confirmation of your tour, hotel and domestic flights in this trip, and we also can offer the invitation letter of our company if works for your visa, so that you can carry those document to apply for the visa. thanks.
5. Do you help with Visa application assistance from Nigeria to China for China tours?
We just can offer the confirmation of the tour, hotel and flight or train, and we also can send the invitation letter for our customer, but the customer need pay some deposit in advance, and this fee cannot be refunded if you cannot get the visa by those documents, so you'd better ask for the details from Chinese Embassy firstly.
6. How can I visit Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses in Xian from Beijing within 1 day?
We have the regular one day tour by flight, and it is very convenience, because we will arrange the airport transfer service in Beijing and Xian for you.

Of course, if you are on the budget, you also can take overnight train from Beijing, and it takes 2 nights 1 day for this trip.
7. Is your tour available everyday?
Yes, all tours listed on our website are available everyday.
8. Do your tour guides speak English? or any other foreign languages available?
Yes, all of our tour guides speak English, since we are specialized in international travel services in China, all our tour guides and travel advisors speak fluent English, our customers come from many different countries worldwide.

We do have other foreign languages tour guides, like Spanish, French, German, Russian, Indonesian, etc. You need inform our trip advisors in advance if you need these non-English language tour guide.

For the group day tours (bus tour, coach tours), our tour guide speaks English only, of cause our guides can also speak Mandarin as most of tour guides are local Chinese.
9. If my child is under 1.1 meter, may I get any discount for the tour?
Yes, of course, and we only charge half tour fee for the child who is under 1.1 meter, and if the child is not more than 2 years old, we will not charge the fee anymore, but if you are not sure the height of your child, we can charge the fee as half, and if there is any entrance fee to pay, you will do that by your own.

In addition, if you will book a tour including hotel, and the child doesn't need extra bed, we will not charge the room fee, and you will pay the breakfast by your own if need.
10. Is it private tour or group tour for your tours covering multiple cities in China?
All multi-city tours (like Beijing-Xian-Shanghai tours, etc.) are private tours, it means only your family(or friends) in the car, no others join your group.

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11. Are the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses and the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor the same sightseeing?
No, they are not the same sightseeing, but they are closed each other, and they are combined as one site this year, so you can visit both of them by one entrance!

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